Tapering to the Drift

Making up the snow day meant a less abrupt end to the school year. I'm just not quite getting that "OMG OMG it's over-over-over" sense of joy. However, general joy is not a problem.

Saw the Davy Jones show in Laughlin last Saturday. Decent performance (disconcerting sex jokes from the "cute and sweet Monkee" aside), but his audience is what remains fresh in my mind - lovesick zombies, hypnotized by the LCD screens held at constant arms' length. I do mean constant. Distracting as heck. And I thought I was bad about photos and mooning. People! Cover your screens! Geez.

(Like I did, because I'm a saint and a master of etiquette and all that. Or maybe I'm just polite. Clearly this subject is still too sore to discuss properly. Video to follow at some less lazy date!)

Before Laughlin, we crossed the river for Mike's first trip to Arizona. Milestone! (Literally.) Forty minutes later, and we were tooling down Route 66 to Oatman, the "ghost town that refuses to die," aka "that place where wild burros wander up and down the streets," aka "a recommended patch of adventure to be detailed, again, later." (The photos are on Flickr, though, for the madly bored. Click to the right.)

What else? Oh! My passport arrived! After 51 minutes on hold, the kindly operator confirmed that it'd been mailed that day. Still looking for a new cruise anxiety to replace it.

Then we went back to work on Monday, which was not as fun as staff day on Friday when I won a raffle prize. (School supplies, and I honestly beamed when I saw the new 3-hole punch in its blister pack. Like, I wanted to call this year's students and tell them about this burst of fortune, inviting them to come back next year and try it out.) 

Then on Tuesday I stopped pretending I could drink any more Cranberry Juice of Denial and went to the doc. And now I'm peeing rainbows! (If there are any all-orange rainbows out there.)

And that's where we're at now. Oh! I got a new camera bag, paid for with Amazon GCs. It's great. I'd show you a photo but... yeah, a girl's gotta slump on the sofa a bit. Not think about last year. Not think about next year. Not think about purple toucans. And I got a used YA book told from the perspective of Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna. And I watched King of Texas, which is Patrick Stewart playing King Lear, with the spin being that he's a wealthy landowner in the Republic of Texas. Not a brilliant adaptation, but I was still a snufflemess when he staggered out carrying Claudia (Cordelia) at the end.

I'd report further (yeah, right), but Mike's just put on Hancock, and I have rainbows to make. Behold the bliss!

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