Hey 2013.

It has just been a weird year.

I know the clock ticked over 12-26 hours ago (since we do these things twice), but it hasn't quite registered for me that the odd year is over.

The year that started with the thought of quitting being the only thing getting me into the car and on the road to work (and out of the car and into the school and down the hall and up to the classroom door, and so on) every morning. The year that ended with me as a housewife with a boxed-up house and an oceans-away husband.

The year that started with Mike heading back to Australia to do his student teaching. The year that ended with him landing what sounds like the perfect job. 

The year that started with me thinking I'd get a handle on my health, what with all of the time I'd be spending at home alone, away from the temptations of foodie feasts across the Las Vegas valley and with little to do but work and exercise. The year that ended in me being an unemployed person with a noticeable limp, eating meals assembled by strangers in factories somewhere. (I may have packed the cookware a little early, but at some point being done became more important than cooking Pinterest-worthy meals for one.)

Some of that sounds kind of sad, and I wouldn't want to live it twice, but it's not a year I can complain about, not when brighter horizons were always so clearly ahead. 

Besides, it wasn't all dreary. Some of it was completely brilliant. Mike was home for 10 weeks for all of the usual good times accomplished just by breathing near each other. We had a stay at a Disneyland resort then later cruised to Alaska. I took cake decorating courses and learned my way around a variety of DNA tests for genetic genealogy. 

Yeah, the food sucked, the holidays were a three-month onslaught of disappointment (my late September birthday spent alone and in a cast leading the season kickoff), and I had to start DVRing Hoarders with urgent regularity. (It was the only way to reassure my OCD self that the post-airstrike packing scene in our home - frozen in chaos for a couple of months thanks to gimpy ankle and goofy air conditioning and grievous allergies - was totally manageable and not the worst way to live.)

Dark thoughts came. They quickly left. (If you've ever met one of my Byronic moods, you'll want to put some ice on that jaw that just hit the floor.) I had a home and things to pack. I had a husband setting us up with a new life. I didn't have to go to a job I'd come to hate. Why in the world would I complain?

(Okay, some days I had to repeat that to myself in a dull, unconvinced voice, but only some.)

So here we are. 2013!

The new year comes right on the heels of Mike becoming a qualified teacher and accepting what - fingers crossed - looks like a perfect position for his teaching style and personality. (Yay!) This means that we finally know where we're going to live. (Yay!) This means Mike was able to find a new home for us. (Yay!) This means the international shipping company/movers could finally be contacted. (YAY!) This means it's only a matter of very short time before I'm off to Texas to visit Mom and Dad. (Yay!)

And this means it's only a matter of reasonably short time before I'm with Mike and reinventing myself, once again, in Australia. (Wow!)

The next time I write, it will probably be another hamster obituary. (The count is down to three and falling fast.) Or maybe a little something (read: long, ranty screed) on my experiences with the three major DNA testing companies. Maybe I'll get over to the new Caesars buffet before I leave town and have a say on that. Maybe I'll share all my Yelps on where to find good Indian food in the DFW metroplex. (Let us pray that such a thing exists.) You never know. Don't expect any "My First Wild Koala Sighting!" posts for a bit...

but they're coming...

and I'm just so amazed.


02 January 2013 |

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