I'm in the process of applying for my spouse visa so I don't get kicked out of Australia next month. Yes, I know I was going to do that after returning to the US last week, ahem, but - happily - there's no reason for me to return to the US right now after all (long story), so I'm applying here from Australia, which means absolute and total last-minute chaos. Anyway, the point is that I have to gather all the pertinent information to prove that Mike and I are a genuine couple, much as we did six years ago when Mike came to the States. You'd think there'd be some reciprocity between the two countries. There isn't.

As part of the evidence, I'm using this site to show that I've been writing about Mike here for over 13 years. As I was calculating how many posts include Mike ("over 900"), I noticed that I've now written 2,913 posts. This of course includes pre-internet and pre-blog trip reports that I converted to blog format as well as posts that have never seen the light of day. (Dad always urges me to write a book about the "if only non-teachers knew" madness I endured in a broken system, but I can't even stand to go back and reread the posts that I kept as drafts.) The post count also includes early stuff combined from when I had six or seven blogs on this site (today we'd just call them categories), like one just for recording new words I'd learned, aka single-sentence entries. So, things aren't as impressive as they may seem.

Still, jeepers, that's nearly 3000 posts! (Sidebar: I'm spending way too much time worrying over my inconsistent comma usage in four-digit numbers here.) Sadly, I've been at "nearly 3000" for ages. I'm a bad, bad blogger. And that's unfortunate because when I was rereading posts about our vacations and general gallivanting to suggest to Immigration as evidence that Mike and I have shackled our destinies both legally and affectionately, I was all, "Hey, I'm really glad I wrote this. I wish I had more memories to revisit."

Nothing is worse than a blogger (or diarist or relic or whatever I am, here with my lack of singular theme or sponsors) resolving to post more often, but ha! Let's go there anyway. My goal for this year - which is almost half over - is to pass 3000 posts. (With every post being of the sort I've written in recent years. No more three-sentence fever dreams a la 2001's content.)

Why? I'm not making time to write enough lately - be it here or Yelp or secret projects that frustrate and fizzle - and that makes me sad. I've been busy with boxes and the visa application and lesson planning for Mike and lately overcoming some kind of lingering guffguff that comes with exhaustion/chills, and then I spend the rest of the time "decompressing" with genetic genealogy, Australian reality TV (not what you think!), and George R. R. Martin novels. Then I notice Mike checking this site to see if I've written about any of our adventures, but instead he has to look at my "Poptart Bear on the Toilet" drawing over and over. That's terrible. Australian Immigration will never believe that I'm a loving wife if Mike has to keep seeing that.

Another part of the "we're for reals with the feels" evidence is a link to my YouTube channel. I made a few videos public there that were previously unlisted, mostly because they're just ones I was sending to my Dad. But, heck, you can see them, too. Why not?

So, in the spirit of providing actual content (and not just content that talks about providing content), here's a video (a montage, even) that I took at the local beach six weeks ago during some late autumn storms. (Good grief, time is flying. I had typed "a few weeks ago" then checked the date.) The song is "Train Song" by Vashti Bunyan, found via my beloved Jackson C Frank channel on Pandora. (I now have a "Train Song" channel on Pandora that's just about as good.) Sorry about the grotty video - that's another reason I didn't make it public.

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