Things We Did Do Today
  • Rewatched all of the Short Round bits on the Oscars and sniffled.
  • Made concerned tuts over some new board games that arrived today that aren’t quite what was hoped for. (The long-awaited deluxe Stefan Feld City Collection.)
  • Ignored ongoing requests that I sell this domain for “fair market value’ or any value. 
  • Developed a taste for a third Skatt Bros song (“Old Enough”). 
  • Went home for two classes + lunch - per my part-time schedule - and napped just briefly and grumpily enough to miss the other delivery person.
  • Drank too much sugar in sweaty moments of passionate thirst, but also drank more water than usual, so… better? One is still not Officially Diabetic, but one is trying to reverse Certain Troubling Trends. 
  • Took today’s Vitamin D supplement. 
  • Sent no fewer than four different students out of the room and reseated two. 


Seriously, Jamie Lee Curtis + Ke Huy Quran + Brendan Fraser = Hollywood Ending. 

14 March 2023 |