I had no idea that
I had no idea that Arts and Crafts was something so codified that it could bear the banner of being an actual movement, with distinct periods, even. I thought it was a generic term for the things you made with pipe cleaners in third grade Girl Scouts.

Work work work. That's me. Mike will be here in one week and one day, and so of course between now and then work will have me the busiest I have been in years. Where is the time to lie down and have anxiety attacks?

Today I was flossing and was unhappy with that (I'll spare you both those details and my pimple story, as fascinating as the latter is in its near-scientific analysis of what exactly can happen if for once you manage to not squeeze whatsoever), and what did I do? I said, "oh well", and left it at that. Yes, for once I said Oh Well and really meant it. I really did not care. Mike will be finally stateside after years of waiting and I will be greeting him with plaque buildup behind my lower teeth. Oh well.

14 January 2001 |






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