I voted for Blogger in
I voted for Blogger in the (I hate to admit I am acknowledging it) Webby's People's Choice Award. I wasn't familiar with the other candidates, but Blogger has been so good to me for a year and quarter that I didn't care. (Other than the amazing lag we all experienced with the Big Guy was out of the country.)

I did check out LiveJournal briefly before voting, thought 'ehh', and gave it a miss. But then I looked at all the people praising it while whacking Blogger with some semi-appealing sticks. So I went back and created my account. The page has yet to load, but I suppose I should be patient, considering Blogger had the horrid downtime earlier in the month.

(Here my mother called for about an hour to discuss Vegas. Or was it Paris? Both?)

Aha! Page is live now. Off to play with that. Looks pretty darn awful to start, but maybe you can customize. (Or is that one of the things that cost money and the LJ people said was overrated about Blogger? Surely not!)

P.S. I continue to be surprised at all this talk about 'web log communities' — am I the only person blogging who gets ill at the thought of being part of that? And not just because I think **i** **m** is a sad prat.

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