It's also time to give
It's also time to give OfficeMax a chance, I suppose. Here's what I just sent via their website.
Hi OfficeMax. I have a personal website where I keep a blog/diary and in May I used that forum to relate a very poor experience I had at the OfficeMax in my city, Victoria, TX. In this diary entry I lamented that it was probably pointless to write a letter to the manager, because after what I experienced I had little faith they would be motivated to take me seriously.

However, I have had an great response to this particular entry from site visitors. All sympathetic, but many people also said I should at least make OfficeMax HQ aware of what I posted so there would be the chance of someone improving the customer experience in that store.

This diary is very informal in style (normally being just a mess of my extremely casual thoughts and ponderous and putterings). You can view the entry in question with the details about the incident at: Scroll down to the May 14th entry.

I have no reason to shop at OfficeMax because Victoria is a small city and we already have an OfficeDepot carrying pretty much the same merchandise at a more popular, more centralized location. Still, before this incident it was nice to have a choice. I do prefer to shop online, but I also like to support local business. Therefore I'm not going to pretend I was OfficeMax's biggest customer beforehand, but now I've become something much worse: an anti-customer, and a vocal one.

I have written to you today with the hope that you might forward my message and URL to someone who has immediate authority over the manager(s) of the Victoria store. All I want is for OfficeMax to be aware of the problems I experienced and do what they can to better train the staff involved. Shopping there has never been an especially pleasant experience for reasons too boring and small (but obviously they add up) to articulate, but it was always tolerable.

In closing, I hope that with this message I've become part of the solution, instead of just amplifying the problem. Best wishes, Shari

Thank you for taking the time to complete one of our email templates.

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One of our Customer Service Representatives will get back with you shortly.

So I'll let you interested readers, and even you uninterested ones, know what happens. I don't really want a response, I just want them to know what happened and hopefully sort it out amongst themselves.

29 June 2001 |

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