Products I will never buy:
Products I will never buy: anything from (True believers in the "we're annoying the piss out of you with our style of pop-up advertising, but who cares, you're noticing us, right?!" style of marketing. The kind of marketing only people with very little imagination or marketing degrees think up.)

I'm not so much picking on marketing degrees — just the people who rest on them, and the only time they actually use them is to make a paper airplane to fly into someone else's face. (Except they apparently believe it's a real bomber on a mission under their command.)

Someday I'm going to meet someone with a marketing degree who had creative ideas of merit before they were taught to go around talking about how much merit their ideas have because they have the degree. Then I'll have a little more faith in mankind, and will be glad for it. :)

And believe it or not, no person or situation has placed this axe in my path today. This rant was inspired solely by I've only talked to a marketing person once in the past few months and thought they had a potentially fun personality. Which they might, but apparently there is some problem where no one else is allowed to have one at the same time. Ah, but it was a glimpse of what could be.

And someday I'll tell you about the first marketing -degree person I ever met, except I didn't know it because the word "marketing" didn't mean much to me, I was more interested in what they really "did". But they didn't do anything (or didn't see the point in explaining further), and they didn't appreciate the way I didn't take advantage of their significant pause after they told me what they took their degree in. (No, really, it's worse. Her husband said, with nudging pride, "Tell Shari what you got your degree in." And she said, ""Marketing" in her characteristic so-I-think-we-see-why-I-am-forever-right tone. And I guess I was supposed to turn around in the car with my hand clapped over my mouth, tenatively reaching to shyly touch her hem.)

Oops, I guess I told you about this person, anyway. But not all of it. And why should I, you don't know her, and other people do. What I should say, though, is this isn't what started me on the anti-marketing-degree path. After years of experience I came to notice that people with marketing degrees were positively the most uninnovative types, and the most likely to take any project and let it fizzle away in a year's worth of aren't-we-grown-up committees. Then I remembered the woman with whom I'd most miserably spent a week of my life, and remembered her major. A retro-pattern!

Do you think my local HEB has finally restocked the SoyDelicious display? Weeks pass... Thunder rolls... And I am so, so busy...

26 June 2001 |

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