such excitement seen only every 11 years
Here I am, in the final hours of being 32. I always kick and scream until 10:06pm CST.

I started thinking about what I had done this year. Not what I had accomplished beyond the usual progresses, just done, because the list is rather scant for both categories. Thirty-two was much the same as thirty-one, but with less Mike and more work and stress. However, thirty-three is looking much better on both counts.

This morning I made a list of life-affecting events from the past year, all of which might seem more remarkable in the hands of a better writer with a different attitude (...might):

  • Took the second trip to Disney World, and the first by myself.
  • Made an uneasy peace with poetry.
  • Bought a car.
  • Hopped across to the Upper Division.
  • Learnt the difference between who and whom.
  • Gained some weight.
  • Lost forty-odd pounds.
  • Gained it back.
  • Experienced the first major health crisis with a parent. (Lockjaw and weird Greek viruses don't count.)
  • Watched, chronologically, every single episode of Friends, Seinfeld, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Applied to TE (yesterday, but it counts).
  • Boxed up the darkroom.
  • Shelved the Irish grammar books.
  • Read front pages of newspapers, if only for the summer.
  • Cooked once or twice. (Without opening a can, box, or plastic package.)
  • Drew arrows pointing to lines in the sand.
  • Saw Sylvia off to wherever the best cats go.
  • Successfully grew vegetables, for awhile.
  • Noticed the "fine lines about the eyes.”
  • Bought a cell phone.
  • Threw out lots of rubbish, and archived the rest in tidy, stackable plastic bins.
My plans for thirty-three are much the same. The controllable exceptions: no major purchases, no vacations, more moisturizer. Although any number of wonderful things could happen, and it's statistically likely some will, as your advisor it is my recommendation to check back in 365 days, CST.

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