Yesterday was a feisty little day. I conjured a mewling, sorry excuse for a proposal in 30 minutes after two weeks of procrastination, then promptly jettisoned the entire related project. I signed my DP, which I will not de-acronymize because I simply cannot get this last tentacle out of the closet, meaning I am now the lucky owner of a near-sacred convenant, an ETA, a tunnel light that is 92% guaranteed not to be a train. The end is not near, but it has left the station, possibly traveling 10mph toward Florida.

Famished, as always, I went over to Mom and Dad's to convince them that "Chinese" buffet is good for people whose colds continue to linger. Wasabi and all that. Also to see their new bikes. The buffet was tasty. The usual pickings for me: Vegetable Lo Mein, White Rice with Lemon Sauce, Fried Mushrooms, Sautéed Mushrooms, Baked Mushrooms, Cheese Puff, Fried Biscuit Thing, and Other Stuff I Put on the Plate Just Because I Can.

Mom didn't go, but Dad held up well until the third plate when the smoker's squirms began. I started cutting my almond cookie into small pieces with a fork. However, since the conversation couldn't continue without a nicotine burst, I resigned my ploy soon thereafter.

The bikes are gorgeous. Silver, sparkly Jeep Saharas. I rode one for about, oh, 20 feet. The seat was too high for my flailing legs and I don't recommend getting on a bike for the first time in twenty years whilst wearing your Birkenstock Bostons. Also, there was a certain pinchy aspect. Dad was surprisingly all for riding around. He went all the way down the next street and back. Maybe after his next birthday he'll be allowed to cross the big street.

I tucked both the units in with Monsters, Inc. and came home, almost immediately falling asleep after finishing one more New Yorker on the now year-high stack.

I just remembered the unopened fortune cookie in my purse. Let's see... Don't be afraid to take that big step.

4, 11, 27, 23, 24, 40.

24 September 2002 |






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