but would you eat white bread and use a point and shoot?
A follow-up: Apparently Those In The Know are perpetually waving their collective arms frantically, shouting "No! No! Stay away from those Pakistani rosewood 'harp-shaped objects' littered across eBay!

However, the alternative still hovers around $500 and rapidly climbing.

"You'll be paying for living room décor, not sound!" they plead.

Point taken. I have a "Nepalese flute" in that category. No one I know can figure out how to make any sound come out. I may have to go to eBay myself.

On the other hand, I want a harp. Give me the harp.

There are those who say these Paki-harps are fine for student work. Okay, I can live with that. (But, really, are they really-really so noticeably awful to us non-professionals?)

I'm already a little nervous about having to tune the harp and retune it as the soundboard develops. I have absolutely no ear. I have horrible memories of the voice teacher hitting a chord on the piano and me belting out something either high, low, or in the middle, because I only have the three notes. (However, I can offer these three notes in soft, moderate, loud, and piercing.)

But I still have to finish my taxes. Would that we had a music supply store here that was expansive enough to move beyond band instruments and guitar strings, yet cheap enough to deal in these faux-Celtic harps. I mean, the ones on eBay are returnable, but you know how that goes.

Please spend the time between now and the next update coming up with some other ideas for spending $200-worth of "feels like found money.”

Me, I must head back to Samster and the Hamsters in one window, the MUD in a second (I only slave, ponder, and blog between quests), and a very tricky patch of work (read: send pizza cavalry) in another.

08 March 2003 |

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