a general report
Snowflake has a bunny butt. Perhaps, perhaps. Perhaps they'll come to dinner and Annie won't whip out "To Serve Ham."

I caught Barnard sleeping with Isaac. Isaac still seems a little resigned/sulky about the habitat. Barnard also let me scoop him up without protest. He's terribly soft and feels so healthy. He is also very calm.

The trio of Erik, Brian, and Edwin continue along okay. Edwin has resumed his penchance arm-climbing. (We won't talk about his recent fall.) I've also seen Edwin with Isaac. He must be half his dad's size. I thought Erik was dead in the wheel the other day. I took it/him out and proceeded to clean a little in the pee corridor, wanting to see but not wanting to wake him to find out. He woke up and was surprised to find carpet. I wonder if he then wondered if he was dead. Heaven may be nothing but wall-to-wall shag.

Brian remains the little odd guy, usually sleeping. Sometimes he's Edwin's partner, sometimes Erik's. Definitely the middle man.

Snout sleeps atop the tube, except for earlier when he went to Isaac's corner and stole Isaac's blankie.

Joule and Ambrosia slept together in the pumpkin palace the other day. Ambrosia always seems cross and unsatisfied. Joule reminds me of Ambrosia before motherhood. Snowflake seems nicer lately, so it makes me think she and Snout might have took. Ambrosia attacked Barnard and sometimes is very grouchy with Joule. They wheel a lot, but now that it's just the two of them and they are alone on that side of the room where I never have reason to go, they are probably a little neglected. At least the drinking has slowed way down. Perhaps they'll both live happy lives together yet.

Cordelia consented to cuddles and lately sleeps all the time in the space explorer. I never smell her pee tunnel, even though I see it, which is a worry. What other smells am I too used to to clan? Maybe she'll have the run of the living room again this weekend.

Minerva is Minerva, seldom seen as he pushes the burrowing envelope further and further. I wonder if he ought to relocate to a bin with his grandsons, should they come, but I'm not sure he can be trusted. I don't know what we'd do with more boys. I don't want to deprive Snout, or separate Snout from Isaac, or separate Isaac from his sons. (Especially since I think only Barnard will stay with us past the summer.)

I scooped up Deimos while on the phone earlier. She was placid and seems very happy lately with my gift of half a roll of TP bedding. She packs herself into the orbiting satellite. Today she was obviously chewing the cage bars for attention. I gave her a Milkbone and played innocent. I wonder how, when her wheel is always occupied, she manages not to get as pudgy as Phobos can. I wonder if I should put another satellite on, except she'd probably pack them both. Plus, she may have the sandbath back someday.

Phobos is well and full of tofu. She also only got a brief holding. Later she scrunched herself into the entrance between her main area and the satellite and I thought the habitat was empty. Then I accidentally poked her and caused her to bump her head as she jumped awake. Sorry Phobie.

29 May 2003 |


 We built a house. 

 Rabbits tolerate us. 

  We play modern board games.  

 I hunt the dead.