ebay tendernesses
Maybe I'm sentimental because I just finished Pride and Prejudice for the first time, but sitting here, thinking up little whims to look for on eBay, then finding them — it all has my happy motor going in such a way that I forget the wet aspen shavings of the world.

Like an old tube of Listerine toothpaste.

Or a daguerreotype of a man with a black eye.

Or a Desert Storm $5 coin from the Hutt River Province. Bahpft. That unpleasant rah-rah marketing leaves me wondering whether I should officially leave CPI. Alas, I think Mike has been working on some new hamster odes to offer as bonus tracks on the boxed set. Me, I just want to do Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy covers.

I hate when I know I have to go to bed. Two hours from now I'll really hate it. On Thursday night, when my fourth class kicks in and next week's column will need to sorted out ASAP and all the work being rescheduled Mondays through Thursdays stands up and waves, I'm going to hate it to the muffinth power.

28 May 2003 |






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