oh yes, I was a 33, I tried that
I've spent so much of this year saying "I'm almost 34" or "yes, but next year I'll be 34" that I don't really remember being 33. But, with the usual holdout until my exact birth time (with no stinking Daylight Saving Time factor), I will take a few minutes of my remaining double-trey hours to think about personally significant events this past year. (Just like last year except less succinct and with fewer moisturizer resolutions.)

  • Cancelled my cell phone.
  • Survived Hurricane Claudette despite a near-miss with a flying log and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to our office.
  • Took my first Education classes. Would you believe that being a teacher is more than standing on the throne and lecturing? I always suspected this.
  • Did 19 hours in the summer sessions, making me not only a "senior" at last, but an invincible person in my own mind.
  • Got into rubber stamping, embossing powders, watercolour pencils...
  • Joined the Healthplex and manage to continue to enjoy and justify it, even though nine months of membership can still only be measured in infrequent visits and increasing globularity.
  • Finally saw Upstairs, Downstairs.
  • Finally read a Jane Austen novel.
  • Finally had a column spiked. (This happened just yesterday for the column that was supposed to run today — the honour squeaketh in! Apparently I was too boobies-oriented. That does happen.)
  • Started acting out Shakespeare's plays with Mike — we plan to do them all.
  • Learnt that the French Revolution was started by the aristocrats.
  • Got American Express and Discover cards to complete the set. Also got a Visa card with a nice reward system (Disney dollars!) and at last a Visa card with a buffet-size credit limit.
  • Experienced a widening glimpse of what my role as future caretaker of my parents will be like.
  • Converted to notebook computing.
  • Rediscovered the joy of pets.
    • Adopted hamsters.
    • Adopted hamsters.
    • Adopted hamsters.
    • Buried a hamster.
    • Adopted hamsters.
    • Created more hamsters.
    • Buried hamsters.
    • Created more hamsters.
    • Adopted hamsters.
    • Buried hamsters.
    • Created more hamsters.
    • Buried hamsters.
  • Won one of those plush polar bears in a Coke bottle.
  • Made many important decisions about graduate school, my career, marriage, and relocation. All of these bold headers now have neatly italicized dates keyed beneath them in indelible fonts.
  • Did actually manage to moisturize a little more often, but only a little.

27 September 2003 |






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