"" is a domain name I picked up on sale ($3.95) when buying another GoDaddy product, but have I done anything with it? No. And I don't even embarass myself by setting up the hosting -- like I have for so many other one-page-or-less domains that haven't gone anywhere. (YET. Why should domains be developed so much faster than other real estate? Let the land lie a bit... it's just good to have it there.)

But, anyway, I don't deserve the CLV domain because I've not become a proper Vegas blogger. I should. I'm supposed to be in the process of adopting this silly, glittery place as my hometown. But, you know: newcareernewdegreenewlifeflucoldhamstersstressexcuses.

Also, I have this weird idea that I really do need a digital Canon Rebel XT in order to do anything with the domain... and yet at the same time I have the weird idea that I should a) not even try to work as a sub this summer, b) not even try to get a job for those four weeks off before summer school, and c) not even try to eat rice and beans today, but instead go to the Paris casino breakfast buffet.

The old camera is perfectly serviceable. Let's go blow the student loan on blueberry crepes. Report to follow.

16 April 2005 |

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