It's Over
Trips to Hobby Lobby, I mean. I was just thinking about how I'm going to decorate the classroom next year. (I've rather given up on this year, but I've opened my extra credit purse to students who want to change that through curriculum-tied artwork.) My big vision, in addition to however much space the students wish to use (of course), is a near-wallpaper of New Yorker and Far Side cartoons, all colourfully mounted. And, I think, maybe laminated. Or maybe small (original size) mounted ones going around the whiteboard as a border. I wish I had all of the mulberry paper in my boxes back in Texas.

Anyway, the "maybe laminated" made me think of how perhaps I should get one of those Xyron machines that the scrapbooking craze has made so affordable. Yes, I can get the school to laminate stuff, but this will all be happening during the summer, and I don't want to abuse resources. Yes, I can get Office Depot to laminate stuff, but that's hard to do at 3 am, and if Spring Break is any indication, we're facing one long summer of living life at its rightful hour, which is to say: 3 am.

(Vegas is definitely my town.)

And so I went to check the store locator on the Hobby Lobby site and -- oomph! poof! wafoo! -- no Hobbius Lobbius at allus in Nevada!

I'll just go to Michael's or Jo Ann's or wherever. But it made me stop to think of all the chains I took for granted in Texas but can't visit now.

Like... Sonic. Well, Sonic is here. But not on every other corner, like in Victoria. But the Sonic I've seen isn't that far, so I guess I can still get creamslushes as needed. (Not that I've needed any since moving to a city rich in egg creams and iced chocolate teas with milk and tapioca.)

What else?


Okay, I don't know.

Meanwhile, I went to Fatburger for the first time. They have a big sign about how they cry when they make their onion rings, and you'll cry if you eat anyone else's.

This is all a lie. Fatburger has the most flavourless onion rings I have ever tasted, and I base this on the supreme authority of having tried these much-ballyhooed rings exactly once.

But they were quite bland, and I don't think I'll plop down three bucks for the experience again, not when there are Sea Monkey penny slot machines only a few feet away.

(And what's up with all of the slots now going to 30 lines. Hello? Aren't you all supposed to be accommodating the New Era of Low Rollers? Thirty lines at a nickel apiece, or even a penny, is NOT FUN. Nine lines = good. Twenty lines = frustrating. Thirty lines = stupid. Stupid also equals me, playing the new Star Wars 30-line slot over and over just because the music gives me the wistful willies. Don't these people know we have to play max lines or else we feel like we're not doing everything we can to win? Of course they do, hence the 30 line jobbers, but what about the part where it's so unfun and money-sucking that we just wander around for ten minutes looking for that one dingy I Dream of Jeannie slot that still has nine lines then leave? Hear me, casino people. I can always take my $12 gambling allowance to some place where I'll eventually get a totebag after $200 in play.)

However, the chocolate milkshake from Fatburger was really nice. I could taste the ice cream! Do you know how long it's been since I actually tasted ice cream in a milk shake? And there was even this other sign saying Fatburger makes its milk shakes with real ice cream, but who was I to offer trust after the onion ring claims?

My sleep is still all messed up. Hopefully it won't be absolutely wretched tomorrow. I think I'll be proctoring tests before and after school all week. Absences suck. I'd say this is why teachers get crabby about students missing class, but I have so many different students gone every day (many for worthwhile other-class activities that I can't argue against), that the legs I might stand on are busy being propped up while I endlessly backtrack who is excused from what.

And probably like every other teacher on the planet, I have almost no stress, at least relative to the rest of my job, from the actual teaching/assessing. Maybe the people in charge (you know, "they") should work out a whole new educational system where every classroom comes equipped with a teacher who plans and delivers instruction and assessment, an understudy teacher who takes the daily cartload of previously absent kids to another room and debriefs/tests/etc. them, a nurse who scientifically measures bladder content (somewhere there is a barcode application in this) and likelihood of diarrhea or unannounced visits from Aunt Flo as students enters the room, then uses a gadget to print out hall pass tickets in advance for any genuine cases, and, finally, a U.S. Marshall to stand by (as with flights) to deal with any passengers who are unwilling to change seats, who are reluctant to discontinue time-wasting through whining, or who simply cannot shush the frick up.

So, for food-based incentive to survive, I have to go to Starbucks instead of Sonic if I want a fancy beverage coming or going to work, which I don't actually do, not since finding out that the $4 Chantico "drinking chocolate" is only six ounces. Other than that, I can't think of anything I'm missing. (Other than, again, all of my stuff. Bleh. Think June.)

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