How I Spent 35

Turned 36 this past Monday. The age landmarks will be few and far from here on out.

It was a good birthday. Not quite record-setting in its lowkeyness (or Lokiness), although close, but still good. A student sang me a song "just because you're so sweet" - even before she knew it was my 'day. I scored money and DVDs and cards, so the seasonal loot pipe hasn't dried up yet, and never mind all those "someday" warnings you get when you're a kid.

I don't really want to reflect on what I accomplished or experienced that was unique to this year; I don't think 36 is going to go so well.

I'm only three days in and it feels like, "36! The year I quit grad school! The year I threw away my career plans! The year I gave up even trying to lose weight and swan-dove three leaps closer to that heart attack! The year I lied to my aloe vera plant and never did replant the poor thing! The year I couldn't be bothered to get a tire patched and totaled the car in the resulting accident! The year I couldn't be bothered to return the audio books to the library and amassed enough in fines to buy a violin! The violin I couldn't buy because I quit grad school and had to start paying back five-digit student loans with all of two classes under my belt! The year all sixteen hamsters hit the average lifespan mark and left!"

Some of the above has already happened. No, I don't have much faith in 36, but then I don't have much faith in anything, so there you have it.

I'm not depressed. Depression is black hole immobility stuff. I know Depression. Sticky chap, kind of bloated, always outstays his welcome, shows up when you're sure he's out of the country... that guy. I'm just... you know what I might be? I might just be a soulless computer program with a flashy self-awareness chip and two powerful subroutines: one for blogging, another for cranking up Jethro Tull's "A New Day Yesterday."

On the positive side, a good life is all about being surprised, and life is fundamentally good, so we'll just see what comes of the ill wind that blows in 36. Until then, I'm still cheery, just in a new and foreign "have zero dreams for the future, so I'm killing time until the deus ex machina scene" kind of way.

My first and last time with you
and we had some fun.
went walking through the trees, yeah!
And then I kissed you once.
Oh I want to see you soon
but I wonder how.
It was a new day yesterday
but it's an old day now.

Spent a long time looking
for a game to play.
My luck should be so bad now
to turn out this way.
Oh I had to leave today
just when I thought I'd found you.
It was a new day yesterday
But it's an old day now.

(Weird. I decided to quote the lyrics just because I'm enjoying the gritty, growly live sound so much. But, hey, they fit...)

So, I'm not buying a camera. I suppose I better think about buying a house, which means I should think about living somewhere where a teacher with just one degree can afford a house. But I like it here. So I don't know. I'm not worried about it. Whatever. As long as I can keep shopping at Whole Foods et al and have something to read, I'm fine.

35 was a pretty exciting year, though. I became a teacher. I got a job at a great school. I moved to Las Vegas. I started grad school and (until one month ago, which I'm still not talking about until the bridge stops smoldering) loved it. I started geocaching. I rescued several winsome hamsters. I saw a bunch of really fun shows/events/exhibits. I had time to read books again. I went to Disneyland twice. I got more than two months of consecutive vacation days. I met and/or befriended many  interesting people. And I had a plan.

Now I have no plan. Which disappoints me, but my best lesson plans are always the ones I make up for the afternoon class. The ones I throw together in my head over lunch, based on what happened in the morning, not the numbered and standarded stiff pieces of paper trotted out for those earlier classes. If lifespan is like dayspan, I've just started my mid-day prep period/lunch. Maybe it's fine to be aimless for the moment.

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