Rume on Rodney

Mike has two middle names and one of them is Rodney. The other one is equally evocative of confident strides and soft traditions, and it's so long that on his driver's license it looks like he has the wrong last name.

Back before the era of ubiquitous Shaniquaism, people putting on airs had extra middle names. Mike does come by his legitimately: one individualized first name, a middle name for each grandfather, and a surname, which Mike, being Australian, maddeningly/endearingly calls his "second name."

Rodney feels underrepresented as a citizen of the vocative case. Sometimes I can't believe I know someone with the name, much less have such a person belonging to me. But I'm listening to Rod Stewart right now, and I like to read Roddy Doyle, and Roddy Macdowell could be sweet (or too gay, once you were old enough to receive his blips on the radar), but how many Rodney-Rodneys are there? In the U.S.?

13 October 2005 |






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