French Postcards: Dinard

Dinard sounds like Dinan, and it's also in Brittany.Wiki says that Dinard is the most British of the French sea resorts.

Speaking of coast resorts, sort of, should we stay on the Queen Mary some time? This is not a bad deal. Actually, that's not quite the real question. See, Mike doesn't think we should go on a Saturday night and buy the $100+ per person haunted tour just so we can stay in a haunted room (for even more money). I agree - I hear it's a holdover from when Disney owned the boat and is thus only "haunted," not haunted(?), plus there are so many other things to do with $200. (Like, stay home, sip a Starbucks, watch people fix the water heater, and hit reload on the screen where it shows the electric bill having been paid.)

But what if you don't have to buy the tour? You just get to stay in the haunted room? Mike still says no, he doesn't want to stay in a haunted (or even "haunted") room, not even if it were half the price. Which, hmm, is funny because Mike says he doesn't believe in ghosts. And yet, no haunted room. Regular room? Great! Fun! Haunted room? No. And this is the man who usually tells me to book whatever kind of hotel makes me happy, the man who this weekend said he was buying me an iPhone when, in an odd moment, I expressed an interest. (I talked him out of it.)

In other words, Mike usually gets a fair amount of his fun from seeing me have fun. (If you've ever seen me not have fun, this is easy to understand. The poor man.) But no, no haunted room. Curious. It's not like when we were trying to get a room in Kingman (long story - will tell much later), Arizona, and he didn't want to stay in an old route 66 motel. ("What if it's like Vacancy?") Maybe I need to take Mr. Skeptic into the bathroom with the lights out and see how he does with a game of Bloody Mary?

Not that it matters - if I were willing to drive to Long Beach I'd be willing to drive to Disneyland, and I'm still unwilling to even drive to the bank, so there you have it.


This card was sent to Mrs. G. Stock and Mrs. J. Joy on 1 June 1991. They lived at Fairwinds, Hallatrow, Nr Bristol, Avon, now the home of DB Joinery. (It doesn't look like a place where they fit bits of lumber together. What am I missing?)

The card arrived on the 10th of June with 26p to pay. I wonder if anyone paid it? I remember having to pick up postage-due items at the post office now and again, but the last few times I've seen "postage due," it was simply noted on the outside of the delivered mail. Like, "FYI, tell your buddy he owes us three cents, grumble grumble."

This is written in a somewhat fine-tipped green pen:

"Dear Grandma and Jane,

"How are you? We are having a lovely time - there is a fair amount of sun. I have already got a slight tan. The food is good and so are the beaches - the neighbouring towns and villages are very picturesque & the flowers in some of them are amazing & very spectacular. The restaurant & cafe we patronize are great fun with a couple of very eccentric characters.

"We will see you on Sunday (or Saturday night). Hope you have been keeping well.

"Hope to see you soon, love, ?onie & family XXX"

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