From an Arcadia Song? Really?

(Updated to add cute photo from Diablo's MySpace.)

Diablo Cody, huh? And I remember when I thought "funny/smarty/often half-naked girl on some cool people's blogrolls makes the big time" happened when she wrote the book about sampling the occupation of being a stripper.

(And I remember being critical of the way, around that time, she never acknowledged the blog as her path to fame. I believe this ongoing omission has since been sorted out.)

Then her blog turned into this thing that was less My Thoughts On My Day and more OMG I Met Steven Spielberg which, to be fair, was her day, but not really as fun to read as she seemed to have fallen into the trap of using anti-intellectual expressions without irony. (I should know, as I have used "dude" sincerely and without intentional over-the-topness more times this year than I want to count. Be careful what you parody.)

All the while Mike kept saying, "I just don't think she's that interesting to read." But, he says the same thing about Dooce, which leads me to believe that maybe a big Australian guy who has only ever read about inner angst is not the target audience for these blogs. Me, I'm amused by both and would give either of them cash money to read the phone book to my voicemail. I just know they'd flip to the best parts of the Yellow Pages.

Then along came Juno, and etc etc etc, and neither one of us really liked the movie, but I said it was because I wasn't the target audience (a person in need of a mostly clever and well-acted afterschool special about teen pregnancy, to steal Bossy's sum-up), and Mike said it was just "meh" then grunted reluctantly when I said that it was the kind of film you can respect even if you can't say it was particularly entertaining for you.

So last night he actually screamed hellish underbelly noises when he saw that Diablo Cody'd won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Now that is an inspirational tale for doubting writers everywhere.

(Although the lack of "OMG - BLOGGER WINS SCREENPLAY OSCAR??!!?" means one of two things: One, her life as a witty and well-linked sex blogger is either being deliberately downplayed or the media is too foopid to realize that she was a major presence online first. Two, the days of people saying "OMG - BLOGGER (does something)" are thankfully over as the world is a more savvy place and "blogger" is a no longer synonymous with "emoish attention whore bothering the world with tales of her cat" and really just means "breathing person.")

(Wait, I thought of a third option. Maybe too many losers are too busy writing, "OMG - STRIPPER WINS SCREENPLAY OSCAR??!!?" But I prefer to live in a world where people understand that she was a stripper but she wasn't a, you know, stripper, and-and-and aren't there too many celebrity sex tapes to care about a little pole swinging? Grannies do it for fitness now.)

I was looking at, remembering why I started reading DC's blog way back when she was just starting to strip (2003 or perhaps even earlier?), and I wish that version of herself was still out there, just observing and writing and not constantly pumping the air with HOLLA!-type drive-by posts. But, such talent deserves to pursue her Hollywood dreams, even if it means I have one less allusion-happy blogger to read. In other words, good on ya, Diablo. And don't mind Mike, he didn't like Sweeney Todd, either. (Actually, I have to stand up in the Haters Club for that one, too. Tim Burton, I am so over you. And your little wife and her two characters - Edwardian repressive or zombie queen - too.)

But, I do think it's a sincere loss that is the only place to read the writing that got this Lana Turner-like discovery started. Who doesn't port their old posts when they change platforms?

(Diablo's too much of a self-proclaimed exhibitionist for me to think it's because of this and this and this and this - NSFW.)

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