Oeuvre in Red and Ivory

Team Orange won this week! Once again, it had nothing to do with me - I only contributed two digital layouts. (I did pull out a bunch of stuff to work on, but never quite managed to get photos printed.)

But, I don't feel bad because last week I went nuts learning the ways of digital scrapping and ended up contributing nearly 10% of the points. (There are 30+ people on the team so, hey, yay me. Could grading student work be far behind?)

I'm not saying these were good layouts, but - as mentioned before - it's been great therapy for my reluctance to cut the precious paper and risk screwing everything up. (You really haven't seen good scrapbooking paper until you've seen Club Scrap paper. More expensive offerings at the scrapbooking stores/shows don't begin to compare.) We didn't win, but we were a very close second to the might that was Team Brown.

But today we won (again!), which means a 15% discount plus (this is the "goodie" bit), a free pocket album. Oh, and I'm also getting some "Abe Lincoln die cuts" which, er, I'm not going to comment about until I see them. (The mouth on that gift horse looks fine from here, sirrah.)

Below is one honking long image with all of the layouts I contributed (except the three already shown here a few posts ago). The objective for the week before last was to use 50% or more of the "A Study in Red" kit, so if everything looks samey, it's because it is. I couldn't bear the thought of uploading so many images one at a time (Typepad treats us like babies here sometimes), hence the enormographic.

The first layout is for the El Morocco, which may be smashed down even as I type, I don't know. It was taped off a few weeks ago. (Our photos are from September; I'm so glad we aimlessly wandered around the remains of the motel out back!) Sure, El Morocco was a rundown (but convenient and popular) souvenir stand for yonks, but it was also one of the few "neat-o bean-o" bits of retro architecture left on the Strip. (Sigh.)


(If you don't see any photos above these words, give it a moment. Then a kick.)

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