Who's your favourite president?

Mike asked me this question tonight: "Who is your favourite president?" It was, of course, followed by "Who is your least favourite president?" - which I decided is a toughie because either everyone modern looks terrible due to mass media or everyone from way back looks terrible due to limited media.

The first question is also hard because, honestly, there's a lot I don't know about our presidents. I might be able to name them all. I could probably put them in a near order. I could never tell you what William Henry Harrison did other than be related to President Benjamin Harrison and maybe have a mustache.

I considered feeling bad about this, but I decided I know lots of other stuff, so that's okay.

Still, it would be awkward to not slip in Five Fast Facts about William Henry Harrison (according to Wikipedia):

  • He looks fake.
  • He was the oldest guy to take office (until Reagan).
  • He had the shortest presidency (31 days).
  • He's the one they called Tippecanoe.
  • He was the first sitting president to have his picture taken.

Well, now maybe I am a little embarrassed, because who could forget the guy who caught cold on inauguration day (no coat, long speech, lots of stress) and died from the complications? That's, like, in every trivia book you read by the age of eight. And I also completely forgot about the alleged Curse of Tecumseh that starts with him.

But forget WHH, because my answer to Mike's first question was "today, maybe Teddy Roosevelt." I choose Teddy, for today, because of national parks, that Edwin Arlington Robinson thing, and the bears. (Wow, how he would've hated Valentine's Day.) Maybe he was a jerk otherwise, but for now I'm content to be blissfully ignorant. National parks, or just nature, sounds nice right about now - maybe I should get some sleep so we can head into the mountains later today...

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