How to Park at the Queen Mary if You Are a Hotel Guest

No cute allusive titles - this post stands on its own and easily Googled for the good of all future first-time travelers to the QM.

I'd read that hotel parking at the QM can be confusing. It is. Let me help.

When you're in downtown Long Beach, you'll be directed to turn on "Queen Mary." Not "Queen's Highway" or "Queensway Bridge" or anything like that. Trust your instincts and turn where the well-marked signs say to go.

You'll go over the water. This is nice. You should take photos! Unless you're driving. That's not safe.

Follow the signs. You'll feel like you're at the airport. You'll notice special signs for "Hotel Guests." You'll feel comforted that you'll be told exactly where to go. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Follow the sign to turn left into the parking lot. It will specifically point you, Hotel Guest, to this lot. Now you have two options:

  1. Drive around in circles a few times, boggling that you have to park with the day visitors when you're sure you read that hotel guests get their own lot (as the signs would seem to confirm before dumping you here). Park. Boggle more. OR:
  2. Notice the parking that is closer to the ship. It will look small and unlikely from this distance, especially if the hedges are full. Go for it anyway, using the directions below.

Drive to the end of the parking lot (toward the ship). Take a left. Note the Passport bus that is (probably) waiting. Note the little space where you can drive out in front of the parked bus.

Drive out in front of the parked bus. Try not to scrape it; its bright red paint on your frustrated bumper will be hard to deny.

Now look at the road that is going right to left in front of you. Surely you can't want that road. That road is one-way and that way is away from the ship.

Look again; the road forks at the crosswalk to your right. There are actually two lanes on your right. Turn right into the far one. Pretend you are in the UK, maybe at a Southampton ship yard. That would be nice and themey!

Follow the lane a short distance, turning left when the road runs out. (Do not proceed straight as you will hit the dome that used to house the Spruce Goose.) Turn left again, mere steps away, as this is where the road turns and you do not want to drive to straight up the gangplank, much as you may want to send a message about shoddy parking directions.

On your immediate left will be valet parking. This is $8 above the $10/day self-park rate, plus tip. You again have two options:

  1. Let the valet take over. You're staying on the Queen Mary! Live large! OR:
  2. Drive a few more feet and turn left into the self-parking lot for HOTEL GUESTS.

The "Ghosts and Legends" tour and Russian Submarine will be opposite the lot. Don't park in the reserved spaces. Don't go past the building with the ATM advertisements unless this lot is full.

To illustrate (you might wish to click to view larger):

How to Park at the Queen Mary (Hotel Guest Edition)

(I must like you to advise you to view large when there is a terrible typo in there - "seen" for "see.")

And again, using satellite imagery:

(satellite view)

You're welcome. Have fun!

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