The Home Not by the River

Just staggered in from the 5+ hour drive (unprecedented LA traffic!) from Anaheim... yes, Anaheim - okay, so there was another secret up my sleeve and that was a Reconciliation Trip over Spring Break (this week) to see if Mickey and I could patch things up.

Of course, it kicked off with a night aboard the Queen Mary.

But right now I'm about to keel over from our decision to come back tonight instead of in the morning, so I will bullet-blurb now and elaborate+illustrate later:

  • No one owns more unused sunblock than I do.
  • Yes, you really do get (pretty much) the run of the public and hotel areas of the ship, even at 3 a.m., when no one is around but the 30s music keeps buzzing gently in the distance.
  • Sixteen sea lions can sink a little sailboat.
  • I don't know how I feel about Joe McGinnis Jr.
  • I got a tracking email from FedEx saying a package is coming Thursday from Chicago. Did I buy something? What is it?
  • Our Wal-Mart opens tomorrow (today). I chase WM almost completely out of my inner shopping circle and one opens on the corner. Dirty pool.
  • Blue Bayou is the bestest restaurant at DIsneyland and its "wedge salad" has changed my life.
  • If you fall asleep in the hotel bed eating chocolate then you might roll over on the chocolate and the chocolate might smear and then you'll have a Situation of Awkwardness when the maid comes.
  • I don't know how to write it, but phonetically I know this much Russian: Yeah Nyuh Bunny-my-oo Bah Rooskie.
  • Standing on top of a Russian submarine with your hands on your hips and the wind whipping your hair straight is unexpectedly empowering.

Conkers ahoy, matey.

19 March 2008 |






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