A Magic Sunday at Disneyland

I keep putting off the Balboa Harbour post for (very boring) reasons that will be explained later, but tonight - full of resolve (and also because WoW is down for weekly maintenance) - I decided to finally write it up.

I didn't exactly feel like it, but it's 3 a.m., I still can't sleep, and I'm not going to relax until this day is over, anyway. (Need to make a test, finish paperwork (some of which I can't believe I left undone before being gone yesterday), plus get to a parent conference and back before first bell - plus another paragraph wisely deleted.)

However, it wasn't meant to be, because I realized I can't post about Balboa until I post about the magic day at Disneyland.

After the last trip to Disney, the one with all of the post-New Year crowds and with Mike stressing over his mystery ailment (or trying to hide the stress, which was sometimes worse), I was so over the place. It felt like all we did was push through crowds and decide not to go on things.

But, c'mon, this is Disney. It deserved another chance.

We left the Queen Mary and tooled down the freeway to Anaheim. The first sign of Great Things Ahead was that the "Timon" lot was open. Whee! This is the best parking lot; you just hop right onto a tram, as opposed to hiking across the world's largest parking garage that is "Mickey and Friends." (No hyperbole - it really is the largest.)

Regrettably, the next time we visit D'land, the Timon lot will be no more. It's being torn up for the (admittedly cool) Cars-themed expansion to California Adventure.

Right away we could tell that something was different. Um, 10-minute wait for Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

See all of those queue ropes? That's where we weren't standing.

Mike took that photo, as well as the one below. This was supposed to be the "Mike will carry around and use the good camera" trip. However, I may have been a little discouraging with my constant "we're almost there - you have to put it away - do you have the lens cap? - what do you mean you want to take the polarizer off?" input. Or maybe he just tired of it after five or six shots.


Everywhere we went, it was a walk-on. Everywhere. Um, I have a list of everything we rode, but where is it? I remember I had it out the other day... a month ago... and... oh well. Everything was a walk-on, it really was. What didn't we ride?

We wandered by the Blue Bayou, but of course they were booked for lunch. Still jazzed by our great Wine Country Trattoria meal last summer, though, Mike made reservations for the following night.

We had to go see if the-cow-that-looks-like-Bonnet-the-hamster was at Big Thunder Mountain Ranch. (Alas, she wasn't there.) Here is Mike outside the ranch, having just gamely gone into the petting zoo and ruffled all of the goats and sheep:

Mike, outside Big Thunder Ranch

He noticed this strawberry in the garden:

Strawberry, outside Big Thunder Ranch

In fact, there are all kinds of herbs planted out front, without any fanfare, as you can (sort of) see in the foreground:

All Kinds of Herbs

Mike got the camera back and took a pic of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I got a hankering for some of those enormous mozzarella cheese sticks, and Mike decided it was time to try his first funnel cake. I stood in line at the Stage Door Cafe while Mike found a seat. From under the umbrellas, he took this photo of the Mark Twain:

Mark Twain from the Stage Door Cafe

We shared the mozz sticks in all their tasty, fatty loveliness. The funnel cake I was less keen on, but I tried a few bites for solidarity. Mike didn't hate it, but now that it's out of his system, he does think this is probably the first and the last funnel cake of his life:

Mike's First and Last Funnel Cake

I took that photo, so I'm not going to feel guilty about over-Photoshopping it. I just wanted to convey the ethereal look of Funnel Cake Heaven, where this concoction now resides, its pain of being only half-eaten in earthly life forgotten.

We hopped on a few more things... probably... again, where are those notes? Not this drawer. Not this one. Not the other one. I know it's not in the other endtable. Crud, I don't suppose they're over by the TV? That's several feet away!

We left around 3ish to check in to the Hilton. I took this photo of Mike in the Timon parking lot, hoping it would do justice to all of the happy memories we've had parking there.

The End of Timon

(I'm pleased with the clouds.)

It wasn't until this trip that Mike and I realized, at the same moment, that all of that greenery behind the fence is A Bug's Land. D'oh.

Check-in was painless (no Priceline snobbery), the room was lovely, and after a little rest, we went back to the parks and rode just about everything in California Adventure. Mike also hit every restroom, and I do mean every one, including (OOPS) the Ladies' Room over by Monsters Inc. (By the time I thought, "Er, did he walk into the door on the right?" he was trotting out at double speed.) But such is life when forgetting that Tabasco sauce + IBS = No-no.

But back on the plus side, there still weren't any lines. We were the only people on Monsters, Inc., in fact. (And this was the Sunday before or during Spring Break for most people.)

We closed down California Adventure, being one of the last people to walk out. All of the good vibes from the Queen Mary carried over into a second perfect day.

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