Now that I've found my notes, written on 3x3" squares, courtesy of the Anaheim Hilton, let's see if I Ieft anything out.

  • As we drove down the coast to Long Beach, we really liked pointing at the QM's funnels as they peeped around between buildings.
  • Those funnels are not original. When the ship was restored for permanent dock at Long Beach, they removed the original funnels, which collapsed. There is a very good look at the funnels and their history here.
  • In the final (1967) voyage of the Queen Mary, one man threw 1000 messages-in-bottles off the ship. The museum shows one found by a man from Anaheim, but where are all of the rest?
  • (I think I've spent too much time in/near California. Everything sounds like a screenplay idea.)
  • (No, really, it's upsetting me not to know about those bottles.)
  • Now that I've started (and stopped) reading Freedom Writers, and now that I've spent more time nosing around my students' files, I've developed a dimmer view of Long Beach.
  • It's worth repeating (again) that the QM really makes FANTASTIC scrambled eggs.

I found the partial(?) list of rides from Sunday. Indy, Haunted Mansion (Mike prefers the regular version but I'm still fond of Holiday), Space Mountain (we did use a FastPass for this - returning at 10:30 - but just the fact that FPs were still available in mid-afternoon - wow!), Pirates, Matterhorn, Pinocchio, Big Thunder Ranch/Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Nemo.

Nemo. Heh.

I'm so glad I didn't wait 45 minutes for this on the last trip. Or four hours when it opened. Look, I'm glad the subs are back, and I really like Finding Nemo, but - golly. This is just not a good attraction. Neat premise, yes, and maybe I can forgive the way you have to lean in and stoop to look out the sub windows (and I'm only 5' 6"), but the ride itself? It may as well be a movie. In fact, it may as well be the Finding Nemo movie, because they use the same jokes. Not similar jokes - the same jokes. I wanted to like it, being a fan and all, but mostly I just call "Ripoff!" - without even a disguising cough.

We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Mike has been wanting to go back ever since our pleasant memories of visits during the Florida trip, but I felt like we've eaten at so many more interesting places since (it has been seven years) that it wouldn't really hold up. Still, it was convenient, sooo... Maybe it's just the Anaheim location, but instead of being charming, the decor just felt overly busy. The food was fine, but I think Mike has it out of his system now.

At California Adventure, we decided to forego Grizzly River Run despite the lack of lines and the fact that this time we had ponchos. Walking around soaked and miserable in the chill last time had more of an effect that I thought. We did ride Soarin' (which we clog-wearers get to do barefoot, and it is SO NEAT to be swinging in the air above California without shoes on), Monsters (as mentioned in another post), and California Screamin' (a simply great coaster, even if the queue is super-lame).

I watched a little of the Main Street Electrical Parade while Mike was on his whistle stop toilet tour. Between Florida and California, I've seen more of this parade than any other, but never the entire thing. It is quite sweet and pretty.

Toy Story Mania (or Midway Mania, depending upon your park politics) is coming along. We did a lot of wandering, rode Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (as exhilirating as always), and we decided to ride the Sun Wheel again... this time in a swinging car!

Oh my cripeys. I think that is the scariest thing I have ever been on in a Disney park. Mike and I were wigging, although by the second time around I was becoming almost proud of being so terrified yet so not dead of fright at the same time.

I would write more about it, but if Epinions/ does the 10-for-$10 again next month (which is really 10-for-$20, and yes I will write for pennies if I'm going to be writing anyway - no shame here), I may as well wait to explain it all there then link it from here.

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