For the Bored Noses

Okay, I have just clicked-clicked-clicked and paid all of my credit card debt. This is probably TMI, but I just wanted you to know that I am not part of the OMG Credit Card Abuse Epidemic. (I really just try to focus on the OMG Obesity Epidemic, thanks.)

I usually always pay my cards in full, but then Mike came, and he was technically unemployed for ten months while we waited on the green card then the processing of his foreign transcript, so I latched on to a 0% APR offer and decided to stay a little more liquid, just in case.

The APR offer is good for a few more months, but I just can't stomach debt very well, so - click-click.

(My student loan debt doesn't count toward gut-twisting neuroses buildup. I prefer to pretend that I'm not still paying for the privilege of teaching in this environment, and that the $188/mo payments go to rescue orphan puppies who will grow up to rescue orphan kangaroos. -via-)

But now the bank account looks sad. I want to poke it with a stick and see if more zeros pop up. Poke? Poke?

03 April 2008 |






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