Laughing in the Kingdom of One-Eyed Hamsters

This new relationship with Tylenol P.M. - it is taking some getting used to.

We got free tickets to Gordie Brown, now at Planet Hollywood (instead of the Venetian), and went to see him on Saturday. If you're a local in the know about the "Secret" Free Ticket Thing, but you haven't been to see Gordie, let me give you this hint: line up early, because it's first come, first serve on the seats.

Actually, I think it's FCFS on all of the seats, but only the third (freebie?) tier isn't guaranteed to be a good thing. I'm not saying you should eat at La Salsa Mexicana just to keep an eye on the lines (because we ate there, and it was like a spicy ketchup cotillion). I'm just saying you ought to be in line at 9 for the 10 pm show.

Our seats were good (third rowish?) and Gordie was pretty entertaining. Like Danny Gans, but better in some ways (more variety, more impressions) and worse in others (where Danny is uncanny, Gordie is often just "reminiscent"). It was fun overall, though - thumbs up!

Afterward we stopped in at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but they didn't have prices on their bags of sweets, and judging by the prices listed for other stuff, we decided to go over to Aroma d'Italia. Their gelato has always looked appealing. (When does a gelato display not look pretty, though? Does anyone not have the oblong silver containers in a double-row configuration? Sometimes with "presentation" gelato on the bottom row and "scooped" gelato on top?) Mike had grapefruit and I-forget-what, and I had a smoothie of lemon and raspberry. (I tried for lemon and coconut, but the young man advised me against mixing milky and acidic. I still think it could've been special.)

The interior transformation seems to have halted at Planet Hollywood. Plenty of stuff is still themed for the Aladdin/Desert Passage. Hmm.

The V Theatre, where Brown performs, is heavily under construction, though. It's small (good), and with all the temporary black walls it feels like the backstage of a high school theatre.

I stayed up late, slept late, napped, and then ran errands. Then I took a Tylenol P.M. (actually, a "Simply Sleep from the makers of Tylenol P.M." - contains no pain relievers) at about 9 and conked out for nine hours. Didn't matter that I'd only been up 10 hours and had 2-3 hours of napping during that time. Bam!

Woke up, took Mike to work, and took Comet to the vet. When we came home from Gordie, his little eye was shut fast and what little we could see was grey and filmy. I was scared of a burst eyeball. Shudder.

Alas, the vet isn't open on Sundays. But, they saw him right away today, and the experience was just as positive as last time. They weighed him, took his photo, checked his tiny heartbeat and everything. Then they took him to the back and gassed him for 10 seconds so he'd be still while they flushed his eye. Yes, I was a'freakin' on the inside, especially when they were gone for awhile. Oh no, what if they misjudged his weight and overgassed him and...

But he came back as fine as before, but crosser with the wet eye. (It was shut all of Sunday and overnight, but it opened up during the car ride. Talk about actual "eye opening" experiences.) The vet showed me how to apply antibiotic cream DIRECTLY TO HIS EYEBALL. But not until PULLING UP THE LID A BIT FIRST.

I can't even hear someone talk about putting in contacts, so imagine how much fun this all is. I love you, Comet.

Came home and practiced intelligent responses to interview questions for a couple of hours, but I kept getting sidetracked into unrelated anecdotes. Yes, I really was sitting on the sofa, talking to myself, and getting off topic because you know how it is when two people are getting along really well, like they know exactly what the other is thinking, and the conversation goes in all kinds of crazy directions?


Then I realized I felt totally cruddy - exhausted and sniffly - so it was down for a two hour nap. (What the heck?) Woke up, put on a skirt, and went to an interview. The people were very nice, but I think they will go with someone who has more experience with their kind of student population. (Or perhaps just more experience. Fair enough.) Still, it was a useful experience. Plus, I'm glad I had the day off, since I ended up having to take in Comet and would not have wanted him to wait all day since his eye was not improving. (The vet didn't find anything in it, so it is probably a small scratch.)

Now I'm home, with overpriced cupcakes, and ready to zonk out. Tylenol P.M., maybe you are not the dream date I thought you were?

By the way, the school for which I interviewed considers itself to be the best in the district, truly the best. (Hence truly a longshot.) Any locals (I know you're out there - I check my stats once a year or so) care to guess which school it is? The most psychic person gets a feather in his or her cap.

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