Simply Not Asleep

Simply Sleep ("from the makers of Tylenol P.M. - does not contain any pain relievers") and I have had a tiff.

Simply Sleep is in the bathroom, locked in the medicine cabinet, stubbornly pouting. I'm out here in the living room refusing to give in to its emotional blackmail.

After being so durn tired yesterday, I decided not to risk taking it two days in a row. One, what if the magic wears off from overuse? Two, what if I'm even more tired tomorrow?

I'm not sure if there isn't a misstep of logic here, as it's past midnight and I'm just up from a two hour nap, meaning this is probably it for the next 17 hours. And yet the diphenhydramine and I are out of sorts for the time being.

Another misstep was in cramming a vanilla cupcake in my mouth when I staggered up. It seemed like a terrific idea at the time, but now that I'm more awake I must wonder if that was a decision made due toresidual  "short-term memory loss, hallucination, confusion, or delirium." (See the wiki link.)  So now I'm full but still hungry, if that makes sense. Also, my skin has been flushed since my nap 12 hours ago (GREAT for interviews, yes?), which is another side effect.

Also, I made Mike look up encephalitis on Wikipedia because I'm sure that's what I have. No one could be this tired without some grand and scary explanation, and I've already had mono. He says I need a fever and a headache before I can even get the bouncer's attention at the Encephalitis club, and I say it's probably there, along with seizures, but I'm just too tired to notice at the moment.

Speaking of bouncers and clubs, today I discovered the Gotta Love Vegas blog, which led me to an interesting article on the LAX nightclub (at the dethemed and Paris Hilton wannabe-courting Luxor). How edifying - here I thought you just had to be pretty to get past the velvet rope.

And speaking of casinos giving up theme in favour of attracting the attention of L.A.-style SSWs who just want to party, GLV reports that The Mirage is giving up its oasis theme in favour of something more "modern."

Okay, volcano aside, how many people realized that The Mirage had an oasis theme? Every time Mike and I are there, we ponder its theme. "Uh, here are some ferns, in the middle. Next to the Japanese restaurant with the French name. There are fish in the lobby. Uh."

I would have told you that the theme of The Mirage already was trendy/modern, with a few extremely understated nature-related touches. (Secret Garden? That's way out in the back. White lion/tiger/whatever viewing area? Boarded up, the last time we were there.)

Okay, I am either going to grade, play WoW, or find those sea lion photos. Or eat a cilantro tortilla to chase the cupcake away.

OH. Hey, I remembered my Blogger password and linked it to a Google account, like I was supposed to do when those companies merged. In 2003.

This has led to the sudden memory of all of the academic and "other" blogs I used to keep there. Like, whoa, if you had asked me last week, "Did you used to keep a private blog called 'Work' that you updated every time you did something to a client's website?" I would have shook my head doubtfully. I would've shook my head even harder if you'd asked if I'd made 1400 entries on it before giving up. See - it's that Simply Sleep memory loss. Also? My face is really flushed still. Just saying.

The cupcake made me remember this, because I also re-discovered that I used to have a secret blog about my efforts to lose weight. It had (faceless) PHOTOS, so great was my dedication, and I used an ugly template and a Geocities host so no one would ever connect it (mainly, those PHOTOS) to me. It's funny - I read the two entries (so low was my dedication, after all) and it's nothing compared to the kind of confessing I'd do now. In fact, I was probably more frank on this site when I joined Weight Watchers a couple of years ago.

(Remember that? Lost 10 pounds straight away then drifted back to a lifestyle where I don't spend every minute thinking about food? Or thinking about every second passing until enough denial stacks up and another ounce drops off? Silly people think that fat people are obsessed with food, but sometimes we're fat because we hate being obsessed with it - capiche? Middle ground? Wuzzat?)

I usually don't publish those posts where the topic turns to, uh, such topics, but for once, hey, here we are. And there I go, in search of a face-size cold compress. Geez, Simply Sleep! I need to put on a crown and make everyone guess what I am.

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