A Short Afternoon with the Sea Lions

One thing I genuinely like about the Pioneer Woman is the way she can post almost the same photo over and over again.

Really - it's a compliment. In the digital age of photography, we tend to take a lot of photos. Then, when we share them with friends/family/search engines, we try to pick the best ones.

But if you love your subject, like the way "P-dub" loves her children and her husband's hiney, you want to share them all. Or at least two that, sure, could seem almost identical to the uninitiated. Or maybe six or seven.

Ree (PW) manages to do this with enough accompanying wit that soon you're nodding along, "Ah, yes, I didn't really get it until that fifth picture. Thank you for taking the time to further illustrate that concept." See? You're thanking her. (Just like I do, every time I read one of her posts and am wholly entertained once more. How can anyone be so kind without losing an ounce of zing?)

If you want to look at photos that, however similar, consistently and uniquely serve the author's point, visit ThePioneerWoman.com.

If you want to look at photos that, each incredibly similar, call to mind the saying, "seen one, seen 'em all," keep scrolling.

(Me, I have no point. And I can't be fussed to pick photos. Later, we can get all of the old slide carousels out of the attic. Don't worry, I can lend you a toothbrush for tomorrow morning.)

In the vast expanse (that is too quietly smoggy to reveal Santa Catalina), the sea lion sirens beckoned.

Sea Lion Sirens

Our side of the Queen got to see them first.

Sea Lions

One rose to noble pose.

Sea Lions

"Have you any Grey...?"

(No, the Eighties are over. I won't go there.)

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Seeing green? Whack your monitor upside the speaker. Fixes it every time.

Sea Lions

See? All better.

Most of those "seals" at the zoos/parks/etc.? Sea lions. No wonder they're so tired.


You would think the other sea lions would respect naptime.

Hey. Sleeping.

Shh, shhh. Back to sleep.

Sea Lions

Not this one, though. One eye open, that's his motto. He's a smart one. You see, there's danger in this photo. You can't see it (unless perhaps you click a few times to view large, but I doubt it), but animals? They know.

Sea Lions

We humans sense nothing. Lulled by the endless brown plush, I ponder his mermaid tail, thinking of selkies.

Starbucks Tail


The Smell

That's the last time we'll underestimate a sea lion's bottom, I tell you what.

A swell = cleanup on aisle Pacific.

On the Swell

Hark! Pirates!

Sea Lions vs. Pirates

Maritime law still holds that flying a pirate flag is an act of hostility. Lacking cannons, we keep our observation of the dumbassery on an intellectual level.

(But wouldn't it be something if the Coast Guard was having a slow day and decided to make an example of them?)

The sea lions' response? "Oy! Go away, n00bs."


And so they do.

The SS Nosepicker

04 May 2008 |

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