Temping for the the Devil's Paralegal

Terry is much the same, for whatever that's worth. In addition to the tasty antibiotics, we're giving him periodic syringes of water and/or apple juice to help with his dehydration. I think he looks a little "fuller" today, but his wheezes are more audible, so... Mike hopes that it's because he's getting gunk out of his system. Me, I'd take off work tomorrow to make sure he gets water throughout the day, but it's a four day weekend and the district has views about taking a day off before a holiday weekend.

I half-kid. If I thought Terry needed more than the (very watery) tofu that he has available while we're at work, I wouldn't let views keep me from staying home with my pet. (Surely it's as valid as all those parents who take off for special events at their kids' schools?)

The real reason I want to stay home is because my eyes are swollen and itchy, my body has the energy of a wet pudding, and I keep sneezing. I think it's the temperature drop, but this may be what I scream inside my head when not thinking about all the people who have been out sick this week.

But, taking a sick day before a four-day weekend just looks too suspicious, so... there you go.

And now I completely forgot what I was going to talk about. Um!

Presidential election? I said I wasn't ever going to admit to what I ended up doing with my vote, but I'll say this:

(Nah. Deleted. For now.)

07 November 2008 |

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