Terry, Followed by Kisses

As I post this, Terry's in a deep coma and no longer responsive. He seemed to be getting slowly better; he even had one good day where he sat in his seeds and shuffled in and out of the sand, but... sometimes little hammies cannot stay.

The antibiotics helped. His breathing has been very good and clear for the past few days. He was even eating tofu brought to him, until yesterday. He was hydrated and warm. So, we have to be glad of his comfort.

I took the photo at the top last weekend, a few days before he became sick.

Terry is one of the most friendly, personable, and affectionate hamsters I've ever met. I sure do wish we'd known him longer than these four and a half months at the end of his life. I wish we'd adopted him and June as soon as we saw them, and not a week later after wrestling with the "you can't save them all" issue. I wish I knew if every day of his life was happy. I know I was happy every day that he was here.

12 November 2008 |






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