Under the Covers with the Dark Lord

I don't really want to cop to watching the Game Show Network, but it's sooo much better than admitting how many episodes of My Bare Lady 2 we've watched this week. (Isn't Veronica obnoxiously defensive? And Sunny, why can't she get a mainstream job?) What can I say - sleep in for a few days, and a curious mind re-awakens.

But if not for the GSN, I'm not sure I would've seen the "Get Snuggie" commercial.

Now, I have nothing against the idea behind this product. My parents and I all had proto-snuggies in the early 80s, a Christmas gift from my grandparents, and those things were fabulous. Sure, they were just zipped up rectangles with strategic holes, each in a print more Holly Hobbie than the last, but the effect was toasty-yet-flexible and quite suitable for the cold Michigan winters. The Snuggie looks like a softer, fleecier perfection of the concept.

What does this textile contraption cost? For the Snuggie and a free book light, your payment is $19.95 plus $7.95 s/h, plus your soul.

They had Mike at the old Satanic priest with the popcorn. By the time the family gathered around the ritual fire, I was reaching for my credit card.

Apparently Mike and I are late to the sabbat. YouTube is already slopping over with reactions:

Because of my happy childhood experience with the "walking blanket," I Googled around for other people's experiences with the Snuggie. Oh dear, not so good.

All I'm saying is... on the order form? Maybe there's a reason "burgundy" is checked by default.

24 December 2008 |