Carnival Elation Cruise: Ensenada
I'm going to be lay with this part of the trip report. Instead of saying much, we'll watch a movie. Yay! Everyone loves a home movie, right? Or, better, yet, let me lug down this box of slide carousels...

Now that everyone is scared of what could have been...

If you lasted through that scintillating opening scene of the ship slowly, slowly docking, kudos.

Sketchy thoughts to accompany the video:

  • It was great to sit on the balcony for hours and watch the sea lions, right outside the ship. They sure are loud, though. Mike, napping, thought he was hearing the frat boys being stupid.
  • I only got two clumps of scrambled eggs at breakfast instead of three like the day before. See, things aren't as rigid and standardized as people fear!
  • We had no plans when walking off the cruise ship into Ensenada's little shopping terminal. Luckily there was a shuttle into town right there ($2/each). And even more luckily, it was hosted by a man named Cesar, who told us all about the "real Mexico," held up a map of a resort, spoke of lobster, and said that, with the coupon on our receipt, we could all go see the majesty of La Bufadora for ourselves, for only $15/each, amigos.
  • (There is no resort. It was still fun. And $10 cheaper than the Carnival-sponsored expedition.)
  • I suck at haggling. (Shell-encrusted turtle sculpture, paid $3 instead of two for $5.)
  • Mike is much better at it. (Maracas, started at $5, got down to $2.)
  • The "open air market" at La Bufadora is a slaughterhouse-style corridor of aggressive stall minders, with a strangely white and clinical pharmacy with pristine glass cabinets and shelves positioned at every fourth stall.
  • I'm pretty sure you can get anything at the pharmacy. "Anything?" I asked. They said: "We're not in Kansas anymore!"
  • Yes, we ate at the tourist trap chain-style restaurant. I'd apologize but when you're in a tourist trap, you can't get too righteous about where to eat. Also? Food was great.
  • A drive through Ensenada gave me a lot of insight on vandalism (tagging) back home. Too much insight.
  • But, the people were all very friendly. With a good sense of humour. "At least give me a chance to rip you off!"
  • Mike regrets not getting ripped off on a beautiful chess set. Next time?

There isn't much left to report about this splendid cruise (dinner, disembarkation, general gushing)... maybe I should throw myself into AP lesson planning before June Joy disappears and July Stubbornness begins, which leads too soon to August Denial?

28 June 2009 |