Cricket Still Loves Her Saucer

I was going to put up the next part of the cruise report, but I thought, no, it can wait. Let Sherman's obituary have its place for awhile. We're not really grieving; he had that bad tumour, and we were all lucky that he was a happy fellow until yesterday, when he was mostly tired, and then he left. It's horrible to say it out loud, but we were glad it happened at home, with us here, and not at the vet's office or with us out of town.

Not two hours later, I glanced at Cricket. She hadn't been out much today, and Mike fed her tonight. Usually it's me, but sometimes it's Mike. I can't go too long without a little Cricket-fix.

"Oh, how sweet." (I thought.) "She's sleeping over here, close to my end of the sofa." (Cricket knows perfectly well where I sit. Sometimes she watches me as much as I watch her.) I almost called to Mike to have a look.

But those are all thoughts in an instant. Because you always know, don't you? Before words have a chance.

I never thought I'd say this in a pet obituary, but, "What the hell, Cricket?"

I don't know what happened. She was fine this evening. As fine as Cricket ever is, anyway. Fact is, she was always a little "special" in the head - she was returned twice to the pet store - but every quirk was matched with fierce affection and endless personality.

I didn't look at her again. For the first time, I let Mike take care of things. What he described - her organs outside and prolapsed (rear end or uterus, it's hard to say) - I know these things happen. Something similar happened to Ambrosia... but she went to the vet, got everything tucked back in, took a course of antibiotics, and lived to a reasonable age. Crickie... it must have happened pretty fast. I don't know. We won't ever know. What the hell, Cricket?

It's three a.m., I have a week of all-day seminars starting early in the morning, and it seems we've gone back to losing them in twos. (Helix/Owl, Patricia/Milkdrop, Maudine/Tumble, Snout/Bernard, Cordelia/Joule, Prospero/Cobweb, etc...) Let us hope the remaining four - four??!! - stay healthy and happy.

Cricket, I'd never have favourites, but you were something special.

Sleep, Interrupted

Cricket Will Be Your Editor


22 June 2009 |






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