I admit it. That slap-dash last post was thrown up just so I wouldn't have half a trip report in progress with no end in sight when I left for the next trip.

We just came home today from Cruise #2, seven nights on the Carnival Splendor. (And boy are my water wings tired. That's the last trip across the Mojave. I mean it this time.)

Unfortunately, the Splendor is the top of the Carnival fleet (at least for a few more months), and I'm afraid we've become quite spoiled. Oh sure, you could cruise for $150, and have a great time in your windowless cabin under the disco, or you could have a great time while sitting on your balcony at the top of the ship, wearing special fuzzy slippers, using a different colour beach towel than those in the lower (sniff!) decks, steps away from your unlimited thalassotherapy pool access, unlimited aromatherapeutic steam room, and need I mention the "resting" room with the fruit, water, tea, and little beds (I think I do), burning up your promotional onboard credit on armfuls of souvenirs and bingo cards.

Our vacation budget is all sprung out now, so you really could go have a great time in a spa cabin - we're not going to book it up anytime soon.

As a result of this trip, I now have a much greater interest in playing those slot machines with the progressive jackpots. You know, the ones where you win and quit your job and go live on a cruise ship and sail around the world? Using special herbal-citrus bath products in dainty bottles available only to spa cabins? Eating more varieties of chilled soup than you've ever had before in your life, and not just gazpacho?

We have a 2-for-1 coupon for casino breakfast buffet that I reckon we'll use later this week. Maybe one of us will have stopped crying by then.

As I type this, the Splendor just left - literally, just this minute - for another week of Mexican Riviera ports and dolphins and whales and stars and chocolate buffets and bald men running around in their tablemates' lipstick, heels, and bras. Heartless!

06 July 2009 |