An Hour or So in Cabo San Lucas
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The stop in Cabo San Lucas was short; we were scheduled to depart at the very early 2:30 in the afternoon.

People complain about this on the ship and on board, as if the captain just hates Cabo or something, but the early departure is necessary if the ship is to make it back to Los Angeles in time. After all, Cabo is on the very southern tip of Baja California.

We actually made it to Cabo ahead of schedule as there was some medical emergency on board. Mike opened his eyes enough to see the boats racing toward ours, but I slept through it all. The captain later said the young lady in question was going to be fine, but didn't share any further details. Everyone likes a happy ending, even so.

We first saw Cabo on the way to Puerto Vallarta. It was around tea time (note: do NOT skip tea time - the scones, the cuke sandwiches.... *pleasureroll*) on a sea day, and we were looking at sand across the water:

Distance Shot - Cabo San Lucas

"Cabo!" said a passing waiter. "Cabo?" We were doubtful. Where?

Cabo San Lucas is a strange, to me, landscape of desert running up to water. I get enough desert at home, but I wouldn't have minded seeing the glassblowing factory. However, after our seven hours of adventure in Mazatlan (photos and description saved for last), we didn't want another tour, or even a taxi ride longer than five minutes. Meh, I've seen glassblowing before. Next time.

So, we decided to do the "get off the boat and see what happens" approach that worked so well in Ensenada and eventually well in Puerto Vallarta.

It was already past 11, so we set the bar nice and low. We passed people coming back in from morning excursions. "So hot," a man complained. "Too hot. Unbelievable. You'll be right back on the ship, I promise you."

Cabo San Lucas is a tendered port. Here is one of the tenders:

Tender Boat 1 - Cabo San Lucas

Parasailers (parasailors?) were everywhere, like puffs of popcorn.

Parasailing Popcorn - Cabo San Lucas

Here is a photo I took later, of the port. In the foreground you can see a boat that is taking away one of the tender docks from the ship.

The Setting of All Our Adventures in Cabo

We passed some former America's Cup competitors. Here's one of the Young Australias:

Young Australia (America's Cup) - Cabo San Lucas

Before this, I didn't know that it's common to have twins of a boat, in case something happens. You can go out on either of the YAs, although Mike tells me it performed "uneventfully" in the race and didn't make the finals. (Being a killjoy is just a hobby, but I think I have a real knack for it.)

We spent most of our time in Cabo in two places. The first place was the pier where we tendered.

Tender Pier - Cabo San Lucas

Mike at the Marina - Cabo San Lucas

If you look behind Mike, you can see where we spent the rest of our time: the Marina Mercado Arts & Crafts Market.

Honestly, this was perfect. If there was one thing we wanted to do in Cabo - my vague cravings to watch glassblowing aside - it was to make one more attempt to find a chess set as pretty as the ones we passed up in Ensenada. I'd also gotten into my head that I wouldn't mind a little group of carved animals. Maybe elephants?

Souvenirs - Cabo San Lucas

So we walked all the way - 15 steps? 20 steps? - off the pier to the blessedly indoor mercado. It's not that it was hot out. In fact, it was far less punishing than in PV or sea-level Mazatlan. Maybe the guy just didn't like a dry heat? We were just avoiding the sun as always. Sure, vampires are trendy, but no one has yet tapped into the lore of vampires that prefer stretch pants to leather trenchcoats, video games to sparkly seduction, cruising to crypts.

OMG. Totally calling dibs on the "Fat, Thirty-nearly-Forty-something Cruise Vampires" premise. And they can suck the blood of people who smuggle in their own beer or who wear jeans to Elegant Night! In fact, they work for the cruise line. And they get to cruise for free. And they're allowed a separate stateroom for their hamsters. I mean, their familiars. Because they're witch-vampires. And they've conjured a special spell that allows them to subsist on warm chocolate melting cake instead of blood. Yeah.

You know, there are a lot of Eastern Europeans working on Carnival's ships. This is totally plausible. Call me, Simon and Schuster.

Mike in Cabo San Lucas

And here is Mike again, ready for several more minutes of good times on the pier. We didn't find a chess set, but we did get a family of four carved elephants. I let Mike do the negotiating. Our guy was pretty stubborn, but six bucks for the cute little fellows seemed quite reasonable.

(This would be a good place for a photo. Oops, I didn't dig that out yet. I guess I'm adding bread crumbs to the blog fodder to stretch it out for later.)

Back on the pier, we admired the pelicans and practiced crab-spotting.

Crab - Cabo San Lucas

Here, why not watch a whole video about it?

(And now you know why not.)

Back on the ship - yes, home again already! - I can't remember what we did. Ate, of course. By 2:30, Mike was lightly zonked out for his nap. Because he's old and/or relaxed like that. I sat on the balcony, watching the tenders bring back the stragglers, opening the door to change lenses or to tell Mike that we still hadn't left yet. It's cute when people who are mostly asleep try to hold up their end of the conversation.

I zoomed in like this:

Rocks, Beach - Cabo San Lucas

And zoomed out like this:

Rocks - Cabo San Lucas

And took 500-jillion photos of people on the beach, jet skis, parasailing - of which only a merciless few were uploaded to Flickr. "Here's a blurry pic of other people, people who are far more sporty or drinky. Here's another one. Oh, here they are at another angle. And another. And slightly to the left. Wow, must've forgotten to let go of the shutter button there. And here's another resort. Another. Another."

Believe me, the culling process of those photos has expedited my sainthood application tenfold. Here are all the ones that did make it to Flickr, but only look if you're just madly in love with Cabo and want to see a whole 20 other pictures that even I wasn't willing to include in this post.

Prudence aside, forgive me for the coming excess of rather ordinary Mazatlan photos. The new school year is looming, and I'm not ready to wake up.

(Next Post in This Cruise Report: Mazatlan - Earth and Diamonds.)

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