Goals for the Scraps of Summer
  • Post about Cabo San Lucas.
  • Post about Mazatlan.
  • Sort out photos for both.
  • Post about Evelyn, the most secret dwarf hamster since Koda.
  • Take more photos of Koda.
  • Casually mention, often, that I just bought a class set of King Lear with my own money. With extra throat clearing if the governor is listening. The governor who wants to cut teacher pay because it isn't fair for the taxpayers to shoulder the state's budget problems. But teachers? Pack mules, apparently.
  • Start cooking through some cookbooks, a la Julie & Julia.
  • See Julie & Julia.
  • Go to the Atomic Museum.
  • Play more bingo.
  • Buy new blouses for work, ones without soup stains.
  • Get the oil changed.
  • Get the really big pond in Farm Town on Facebook.
  • Finish writing detailed lesson plans for the first semester, for every class.
  • See Up. Even though Mike wants to see it in 2D. (Those glasses usually make his head hurt.)
  • Wish away the tumor that's popped up on Heidi's leg.
  • Scrapbook something. The more something, the better.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner, which is bagless, which means going to the balcony in the middle of the night, when it's not screaming hot, wearing about-to-be-washed-anyway clothes, to clean the container.
  • Do more with our silicone baking mats/pans because, whoa, they're amazing!
  • Go into work at least one day before it's mandatory, just to help the transition.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Get Mike to work out with me to one of the zillion "Shimmy" episodes I've TiVo'd. I've never seen one, but it sounds like just the thing.
  • Read.
  • Reeeeaaaaaad!

Oh summer!

03 August 2009 |






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