Cold (cold) As (as) Ice (ice)... I Know

It's not like I've spent the entire Winter Break on the sofa.

Or the entire month of December.

Not the entire time, no.

So, I had a bug right before Thanksgiving, then either the same bug, or a new bug, but a bug bad enough that I missed two days of work in the last week before Break, which is one of the easiest weeks of the year, so you know I was really sick, and I would have missed three days, but I had to show up on the last day before Break for mandatory schoolwide duties that I won't get into here, but suffice to say that they ended up getting canceled, so there's a gripefest you are narrowly escaping right there.

With the second (round of the?) bug, I actually went to the doctor, what with being concerned when I couldn't get my temp above 95. (It was at 93.6 that I caved.) "Oh, yes, hypothermia. Very bad. Fever, bad. Hypothermia, bad."

But apparently normal? Who knew? Me, I was all HYPOTHERMIA??!! And here I thought I was only metaphorically drowning in an icy lake.

It was only after I left the doctor's office that I realized he never took my temperature, the thing I specfically went in to see him about. We did talk about it; at one point he said the low temp could be because I wasn't leaving the thermometer in long enough. That's when I pointed out that a) the thermometer was digital, b) my husband had normal readings, and c) I always had normal readings when I was well. So, it didn't seem to be instrument or pilot error.

But whatever he heard through the stethoscope or saw in my mouth led to a 10-day course of antibiotics, for he said that an infection was causing the hypothermia.

As with all colds/flus, I started getting better at the normal pace. My temp settled in 96-range, but I could get it to go into the 97s if I wore socks around the house. (I hate wearing socks.)

Then I had some side effects from the antibiotics. Like, extreme sleepiness. As in, I would take a nap, and all I could dream about was being too tired to move. Have you ever had dreams where you can't finish sentences because you are falling over from lack of sleep? Where you try to move from one spot to another, but it's all molasses because you're exhausted, and you can't even explain to the dream people what's up, because you're too tired to move your mouth? That was interesting.

Then I would wake up from my nap tired, with an ice pick throbbing through my skull, and grumpy. Ah, the holidays!

And there were other side effects of the antibiotics... which I would prefer not to talk about. Or think about. Ever again. Is it possible to die of itching? Some of you know what I mean.

Last night was the last antibiotic. The cold/flu has long been over. My sleep is more normal. (Odd hours, but that's normal.) The itching is subsiding, or else I have trained myself that SCRATCHING = BAD to the point where I have managed to finally rise above the itch. (Mind over maddening matter first came into play after overdosing on hydrocortisone cream, a subplot I won't even explore in this story, for I'm sure the swelling will go down eventually, and you really don't want to know.)

And, after so much work to overcome the "HYPOTHERMIA??!!", my temperature is sticking around 96.7. I give up. Clearly, my cold heart has outed itself.

The point is, I've had a bad cold. Then Mike had a bad cold. Then, just when he got better and it felt like we were alive again,  I had a bad reaction to the medicine given to me for some presumed infection that went with my bad cold.

So, as much as I was looking forward to the outlet of rambling at the keyboard over Winter Break, there have been no posts on our new Squishables, our sweet hamsters, our disappointment in City Center/Aria (especially the buffet), how I rearranged my craft area, the stuffing Mike made, or the "hazelnut chocolate egg nog" milkshake I tried to make. I even have photos!

On the other hand, there have been no posts about itching, itching, itching, itching, SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP, itching, itching, itching, CRY CRY CRY, itchitchitch, snifflesobwail, itch, either.

So, apparently my cold-bloodedness does not extend to torturing visitors (beyond the usual). That's nice.

(The Squishables are pretty cute, though. Maybe I'll put on some socks and post about them soon.)

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