This post exists because I'm too long-winded to use Twitter for the #10yearsago topic. (Some of my students and co-workers think I avoid Twitter because it's new and I'm old, or because it's hip and techie, and clearly I don't know about that. Really it's because expressing myself in under 140 characters is the opposite of fun for me.)

5 seconds ago I was wondering why I have a bad habit of writing one sentence then putting the rest of the paragraph in parentheses.

5 minutes ago I was reading some horrid article about how to write gay characters, which I won't even bother dissecting. I don't care; I only followed the link from MetaFilter out of curiosity. It's not like I'm going to start writing gay pulp fiction... no matter how cute the covers are.

5 hours ago I was grading essays that - GEEZ SELF - reallyreallyreally should have been graded at the start of Break. I knew that then. I really know that now. I hope I will know and believe next year.

5 days ago I was boohooing about how Break was halfway over. I did not know the meaning of "boohoo" then. Boohoo!

5 weeks ago I was boohooing about the three solid weeks until Break, which are always so hard after a fall semester full of little holidays, staff development days, and "here come the new cooties" sick days.

5 years ago I was in Texas, with my Texas teaching license, waiting on my Nevada teaching license so I'd be eligible for the next stage of interviewing, excited about my two online grad school classes (taken from UNLV at full out-of-state price) and being so gown-flappin' academic, but - as my family's business washed away with the hurricane from five months before - nervous to be facing the days ahead on a student loan income, and hoping that they really were desperate for teachers in Las Vegas. I didn't know that in five (five!) days I would have a phone interview. In twenty-five days, I would be up-n-moved across country to a city where I didn't know a soul.

5+5 years ago I was in the happy throes of being a 24/7 Internet junkie/drone/helpmeet/champion, still some weeks away from converting my five(five!)-year-old website into a blog, and I was a few days away from using an online bookstore coupon to buy an "irreverent" guide to Disney World. It was just a whim. A whim that led to a plan that led to Mike coming Stateside for the first time, which led to us joining our paths in an unexpected love/admiration for certain things Disney.

(Maybe I should have done this post in threes. Three years ago, we finally got married, after waiting three+three+three years, plus three+three+three-ish months. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MIKE! I hope that old scold you married is nice to you today. Maybe you should butter her up by grading those quizzes over on her craft table. In the folder. With the key on top. And the explicit guidelines for how to mark incorrect answers. And the clear example of how to write the score on top of each student paper. Plus the red pen nearby. Sorry, the glittery red pen. Because you are worth it.)

5+5+5 years ago Hm. Oh. Okay, well... I lived in Austin. ... Yeah, I just deleted two paragraphs about that. There's a reason that only one of my friends from that time is on my Facebook friends list. (Hey, Mike? Don't worry about the grading. I was kidding.)

5+5+5+5 years ago Why couldn't I just go on Twitter? It's a new year; I should be challenging myself. So, 20 years ago I lived in Houston. I have two friends from my Houston years on Facebook. This reminds me of the nerdy pie-chart post I've been thinking about. That's right, I'm changing the subject.

5x5 years ago This would probably be easier if I wasn't incredibly sleep deprived right now, as I try to flip-flop my sleep in anticipation of returning to work on Monday. Sleepy = maudlin. Do you know what else makes you maudlin? Too much time travel. I learned that from reading the first half of Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog (as recommended by one of my Houston FB friends, in fact). No spoilers, please! I haven't read the second half.

Am I the only person who doesn't want to time travel? For all the "ugh, let's skip that" in my life, I just couldn't risk things not working out as they are now. 25 years ago, though, I'm sure I'd be thrilled with time travel. I'd probably set the machine dials for when Duran Duran was formed, or for the year/month/week before (and all the bad diet decisions in between).

Wherever I went, I wouldn't travel in five-year increments. Five is proving to be kind of lousy for reminiscing. I never trusted five, honestly. Not with all that grandstanding of Fiiiiive Goooolden Riiiiings.

5x5+5 years ago I actually looked up "order of operations" to make sure I was expressing "30" and not "50." Thirty years ago I was - what's my adjective again? maudlin? - well, let's say, unnerved because the 1970s were over, and I felt like I hadn't appreciated them, and now they were gone forever. I wrote as much in my diary, at length, after we returned from New Year's Eve at the Haases. I also wrote in my diary that I knew I wouldn't live to 30 - it just wasn't in my nature to deal with the world. Even now it sounds like a plausible prediction - how did I get to 40?

5x5+5+5 years ago No idea on the specifics, but there would have been a lot of snow. Michigan. 70s. Snow.

5x5+5+5+5 years ago No snow, just white.

(However lovely, dark and deep, may there be miles before we sleep.)

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