Things More Pleasant, Too Quiet

Posts to write, posts still unwritten:

  • Our free weekend stay at the M resort (because of a casino promotion, not because - with my now even slower posting of gripes and rambles - I've somehow attracted paid advertising).
  • We finally get a dining room table!
  • (After some shitty-then-superlative-and-noteworthy customer service from R.C. Willey.)
  • My birthday iPod saves the day as part of a nifty lesson plan.
  • Great moments in DVD rental: matching some on-location scenery in the background of a Love Boat episode to our summer vacation photos.
  • Koda - unstoppable or what?
  • Judith - palsied now but what a little nestbuilder.
  • Mary - who knew nipping could be painless and adorable?
  • Evelyn - served with two sizes of dessert spoon.
  • What's on the Kindle, or Why are you rereading that Marion Zimmer Bradley book about the Trojan War again, jeez?
  • How I had an actual Stylish Thought come to me in the shower, and as a result we no longer live with butt-ugly mirrored closet doors in our dining room.
  • Coriander is chocolate is really good. Where can I easily get some more?
  • Have you seen the fuzzy chicks in Easter bonnets at Cost Plus World Market?
  • I made a Moodle!
I don't remember what else. Honestly, I'm only posting this so there will be something more positive on the front of this site than the last post. I think I'm going out for doughnuts. Winchell's has the lemon-filled.

27 February 2010 |






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