Koda Kisses

Kodafin. Kodachrome. Kodafangnail. Our twee Koda.

We adopted Koda almost a year ago from a family that had to move. We didn't know what to think of him at first. He was a year old already, and he didn't seem to have any personality or interest in anything.

That didn't last. Within weeks, Koda joined the society of Very Busy Hamsters. These are the hamsters that are happy to get in the hand, look around, suffer a snarfle, but they do have beds to make, seeds to shuck and separate, clubhouses to inspect, and all the engineering tasks that come with operating both wheels and saucers.

Whenever I sat down to play with Koda, he was affectionate and agreeable, but he was also always in the middle of a project. Sometimes I almost felt like I should ring first. If we'd cloned him, it would've been like watching an fuzzy ant farm.

If it made any sense to high-five yourself for a good job in finding great hamsters Craigslist, I'd be covered in palm-shaped bruises. First Peter, then Koda - two of the best.

Koda was the only hamster that wasn't named by us. (He was the only hamster we'd adopted who had a permanent name.) It seemed appropriate that he stay Koda, though. Not only was he a little bear, but he was like a coda to the hamily. (At the time we thought we were winding things down. Then along came Evelyn, and today we went to the SPCA. The critter succession continues.)

A few days ago, Koda had a stroke. He was back on his Milkbone the same day, though, if more quietly so. After the initial fatigue and paralysis, he seemed to be determined to get back into the steady business of being Koda. Our top runner since Pepper couldn't get back in his beloved wheel or saucer, but he did use his sandbath, and just last night he was digging around in his seeds, same old focused look on his face. It's not unheard of for hamsters to recover from strokes, and although he was quite old (for a dwarf hamster), we were hopeful to have him as many more days as we could.

Alas for us, this morning Koda decided to go where he could run again.

Light but endless smooches to our sweet fellow.

Koda on Hand

12 March 2010 |






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