Home from Cruise

On the drive home from San Diego yesterday, Mike grabbed us some of those windshield cleaning towels to use to blow our noses. Those towels were actually pretty absorbent and fast-drying for re-use, but around Barstow we got all civilized and bought some travel-size Kleenex to go with the "help me stay awake" Cherry Dr. Pepper and the "we shouldn't have skipped breakfast in the main dining room" Almond Joy bars.) I talked myself into soldiering through tomorrow.


So, once again, for three out of three, I brought home cruise cooties. Just typing here until the NyQuil kicks in... not that the previous dose was up to snuff(les) - nothing but endless wads of tissue can plug these leaks for entire minutes. Nice, I know.

After the last two cruises I just felt cruddy - too much last-minute scurrying, too long driving in the Mojave sun. This time Mike got sick-sick during the cruise, so - as much as I tried to lie to myself at the time - when I started sucking down cough drops on Saturday, I should've seen this coming - a real and proper cold. (The fact that I took a small tour last week with a coughing young child who told everyone that he'd been sick since getting on to the ship seems worth reflecting on now. Alas, too ill to hit Walgreens for some parent-sized voodoo pins.)

And so, my nose keeps wetting itself like it's just won an Academy Award for best drizzle in a non-supportive role, and my head keeps clapping for the nose's win, and I'm staying home today despite how bad that looks, and it's a bummer when I had some nice and easy days planned for work, but -meh!- forget all that! We had a wonderful trip, all of which shall be relayed, with photos, when the big hand is on LATER and the little hand is on PERHAPS THIS WEEKEND.

For now, though, a preview of some wisdom gained and highlights:

  • John Heald is a god. And/or a really terrific guy. (Search for "Shari asked.")
  • Eight or nine trophies, six medals, and five bottles of champagne make packing a challenge, and don't even ask where we're supposed to fit our swollen heads. I've commented before that sometimes I feel like I've spent my life storing away useless facts in the hope of some game show that never comes. HA - IT CAME! If it sounds like I'm bragging, well, YEAH.
  • Baby sea turtles gotta swim. Which mean you have to put them down and let them do their thing. Aww.
  • Mike has rechristened Acapulco as "Detroit-by-the-sea."
  • Zihuatanejo: Mexico's version of Catalina. Sort of.
  • Manzanillo is totally underrated.
  • Extended balconies: pay the extra ten bucks, already.
  • Carnival Spirit is completely lovely...unless your last cruise was a spa balcony on Carnival Splendor, in which case, don't go on Spirit until your yearning to cruise overrides your yearning for a thalassotherapy pool. Check!
  • But you cannot argue with a ship design that puts the kiddie pool at the back of the ship.
  • And the Empire (pronounced ahm-peer) dining room is gorgeous (pronounced goy-juss).
  • Whales! Arts and Crafts! Whales during Arts and Crafts!
  • The Park West art auctions onboard may or may not be a great deal (who am I to put a price on the poster than you love?), but their business practices are thoroughly slimy. They must be making hand-over-fist money with sizeable kickbacks to Carnival to be allowed to stay on ship. Rant can wait until popcorn is popped.
  • We finally found the right dominos, but I'm beginning to think all of the good west coast chess sets are in Ensenada.
  • I can't even begin to describe our Hungarian wonder-waiter. Hopefully the upcoming video will suffice.
  • I don't know why Mike took on the likes of Freddy Mercury for karaoke, but I do know that this too is on video... just like I know that I'll never be allowed to share it.
  • After 25 years, I can say I've climbed another Mexican pyramid. (Scaled to current ability.)
  • Now crossed off bucket list: "Conduct a drug deal in Spanish."
  • I just close my eyes, and I can still feel the ship rocking. Mmmm, closing eyes...

These happy memories and more will get me past the fuzzy, drippy dreams and the duzzy, frippy eight weeks until summer break. Yee-haw! (Plop. Flop. Zonk.)

05 April 2010 |


 We built a house. 

 Rabbits tolerate us. 

  We play modern board games.  

 I hunt the dead.