I finally clicked off a few tolerable shots of Thomas today. Finally I could stop feeling bad that here we've had these two younger boys since Koda passed away, and neither had been properly introduced to society for want of a coming out portrait.

I also uploaded a couple of recent shots of Mary, which prompted yet another "hasn't she become a dear hammie?" discussion between me and Mike. Mary lived most of her life as a cranky crabapple, running from tunnel to cottage to pear to pumpkin to log, with full grand dame effrontery if you interrupted her somewhere inbetween. "Indeed!" "I declare."

But at some point, gradually, as Mary became an elderham she decided that we had a purpose. (It also helped that her bites mellowed out to harmless gnaws. Sorry, Mary, but now you will be snuggled!) Then, a few months ago, she started standing on the rooftops of her houses, looking for us. Yesterday Mike said, "I love the way she quickly attacks your hand when you arrive, and then she hops into the hand to be picked up."

She was always playing like she was a bit offended. You couldn't just pat her like a dolly. Eye contact, no babytalk, and a hand willing to withstand the Bene Gesserit agony box for her company. That's Mary,

The exception to all of this, from the first day we brought her home, was finger-water. She and her sisters all adored, make that adored "finger water." Put a little water on the tip of any finger, and Mary would drink and re-drink for as long as you could hold your hand out, just as sweet and appreciative as a critter can be. It was something we'd never seen in any other hamster until the triplets came, and Mary was the most keen about it.

Over the past few weeks I couldn't stop remarking to Mike on how happy Mary seemed. Purposeful, receptive of attention, out and about, hearty appetite, and still putting in some wheel-time every day. (Which she would now do in front of us, in the middle of the afternoon, not ten minutes after the last light went out - no matter what the hour may be.)

This afternoon I sprinkled a few oats (for Marys eat oats) and lined the grooves in her log with tiny millet seeds, a new trick. She hopped right up and hoovered the treats into her pouches.

So, I put up the Mary pics on Flickr and went about the evening. Walked back into the living room and...

There was our frisky old miss, gone quickly and still so soft.

Mary, Old but Pert

Well, goodbye, Mary. You're with your sisters Heidi and Judith now, although the three of you rarely did get along, so maybe I only mean that metaphorically. Wherever, however, I'm you're already running along, a bit of cloud sticking out of your mouth, making a new nest.

We will really miss you, Mary. We're so glad you were here. Long live our little queen.

The Fawn

~October 2008 - 18 May 2010

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