Summer of Expeditions and Awwww(e)

Another school year over, and no body count!

(Dad: "What about the girl who sent a teacher to the hospital last week? The one you wrote up all year for repeatedly verbally abusing you and stomping out of class? The one who kept getting sent to juvie then put right back in school? The one with the little fan club that helped make that 6th period freshman class extra miserable?" Me: "Yeah, but no one actually died." Dad: "You've gotta write a book.")

So, like I said, another year over, and the benisons of Alice Cooper rain upon us and reign over us, although part of me is still in classroom mode enough to wonder if there is a word for what I just did with the rain/reign thing there - "zeugma but with homophones"? I don't know. I do know that I have two AP classes again next year, so my mouth is full of woots. If anyone wants to help me plan a food writing unit for one of the classes, holler. I'm trying to convince the kids to raise money for a field trip. I know, what do I think this is - Silicon Valley during the Dot Com Boom?

I celebrated my first afternoon off by adding a bunch of Facebook friends (or rather "friends") to help me with some mindless games. Then I decided to make a little graph showing the new demographic makeup of my Facebook friends list:


(Curses on GraphJam for not letting me categorize further. I was too summerfree to reckon out how to do this in OpenOffice Calc.)

I used to be concerned about the "purity" of my FB friends list. I had to know everyone well enough to be willing to visit them in jail. Then I got a little game-crazy and sneaked in a few strangers, but that was okay, because we were dealing with two very different circles, no grey areas. Then things got all slippery slopey and I decided, who am I trying to kid? I added 24 people to my "game peeps" list today. Please note the horse over there, prancing through the meadow, and then look here at this barn door, unlatched and swinging.

And still, almost the only people I send friend requests to are strangers. If a person is actually involved in my life, I don't like to presume too much. Maybe, if you have 2,137 friends and therefore have proven low standards, and maybe, if I've been nursing a bottle of Mexican Coke, maybe I will send you a friend request.

(I don't deal well with rejection.)

Anyway. If anyone reading this has ever wanted to be FB friends (Maybe you have an aquarium, too? I'm not much for farming anymore, but sometimes I run a small cafe.), I'm currently the only Shari in the "The Coral Castle Mystery" group on Facebook. (I'd just give you a link or my last name, but I drop too many eff bombs to make it that easy for the students to Google me.) Just mention you know me from the blog, or else I'll think you're one of those horrid "Learn the secrets of social networking!" spammers. (I already know the secret of social networking: don't. You don't have the time. Unless it's summer summer SUMMER, baby!)

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