Flash in the Cake Pan

For this post, I've written and deleted several tedious accounts of how crappy I've felt this summer, how crappy Mike has felt, how crappy my computer has felt... it's like I'm playing the Be The Boringest game and - whoa! - they've just unlocked a new master level! I'm bringing hero class boringitudenesscence to my jibberjabber!

Delete. Delete. Delete.

Early yesterday evening I was sprawled in bed (backstory deleted), waiting for sleep, and I felt a bit hungry but too tired to eat, yet not too tired to fantasize. I called out to Mike in the next room.



"Are you making a cake?"


"This cake you're making, is it a layer cake?"

"I'm not making a cake."

"Is there fresh fruit on the cake?"

(Politely assuming I'm deaf.) "I'm not making a cake!"


"This cake, does it have a sort of fluffy cream between the layers?"


"Dang," I whispered to my pillow, and fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke up to this:

Mike and Cake - Flash

Apologies for the flash, but I was groggy and taking groggier photos:

Mike and Cake - No Flash

I am married to the best guy on the planet. The very best guy on the planet.

I had to share this, but - at the risk of getting back into deletion territory - I had to reformat my computer this week, and I don't know yet if it's worth reinstalling everything or if I should just suck it up and get a new machine. But, Mike's lemon poppyseed concoction with the strawberries, with the delicate whipped-by-hand cream, and with a surprise layer of cherries in the middle had to be celebrated, so this afternoon I reinstalled the camera drivers and software.

As I finished, a Windows dialogue box popped up. The message itself wasn't important, but what did I spy? One of Mike's pet grammatical peeves.

My offering below isn't on par with that delicious cake, but here you go, honey. Enjoy:

Grammar Error - Windows 7

P.S. I forgot the part where, when I was reinstalling, I discovered that Canon won't let you have the new software unless you have the original CD in the drive - bizarre. Anyway, Mike got up from his sleep to pee while I was failing to find the CD in the usual places. "Mike, before you go back to bed, could you take all of these boxes down from the top of closet?" "Sure." BEST HUSBAND ON THE PLANET.

P.P.S. I hesitate to mention this because it's very likely that when he gets up he won't remember the boxes at all, and then I won't have to feel weird about asking him to do manual labor in his near-sleep. On the other hand, someone has to put all of the boxes back, so... BHOTP.

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