It's the usual: I want to blog, I want to sleep.


Summer ended better than it started. After weeks on my back, I was much better. My bloodwork was fine if not actually rather stellar, so with diabetes ruled out for my numb feet, we left it at that. I only have so much MD-momentum, as illogical as that sounds. My feet are now usually okay. Maybe if the symptoms return I'll look into X-rays. I like the way the tombstones absorb my whistling as I pass...

(Three days later.)

Right. Blog. HI, BLOG! Let's muse. I miss musing.


So, I'm back at school and it's all business as usual, I guess. I'll have the annual sit-down with my new boss - I've had six supervisors in seven years - tomorrow. The kids are okayish so far - only four parent letters sent home, and here it is week three. Next week, after a month of school, half of my freshman are slated to move to either remedial English or Honors as we finally "level" the classes, but that's assuming that we have spots. I don't think we have the spots. I think I need more blank parent letters for all the third-grade (or below) reading level kids who are just in my 9th grade class to disrupt others. I think I need a million dollars. I think I need to stop thinking about this.


Evelyn, our little creambelly, is into digging these days. I fill half of her tub with Carefresh and let her play civil engineer. She still never gets enough of being held. Evelyn is my gazeybug. I wish she were bunny-sized.

Stanley? SO SWEET. Five months ago he was wild, wary, and hardly wheeling. Oh, and the fattest hamster I'd ever seen. Now he's half the size, alll about the saucer (and the cube - he's Stanley Cube-rick), and he's right into the hand, every time. I also think he's older than they told us at the shelter. He just has a bit of an older ham look. Hm. But dang if he isn't a happy little rodent. 

Thomas, call him Thom-nas, he is a great deal tamer but not like Stanley. Thomas has some bizarre inner imperative to maintain his dignity which means he enjoys a solid round of patting but isn't going to leap excitedly into your hand or anything embarrassing like that. Still, other than the odd "You startled me!" bite, he's docile and now and again runs a little. He likes to sleep in little kidney-curls under the water bottles. (Diabetic, yadda yadda.) There he makes fluffy little nests. Adorable.


Did I ever mention that this summer Mike became a uni student again? Yes, he's studying externally at Murdoch University in Perth, working on a second bachelors - English instead of Journalism this time, meaning that he still lives here, still at the other end of the sofa, and the Aussie government pays for it, and I'm a bit in love with his Popular Literature professor. (I don't care that the man is 80 years old. He went to Cambridge and knew Agatha Christie, and he thinks Communism is bollocks, which is a nice contrast to my limited experience of Australian university culture. Here's an article. Apparently I'll need to join a long queue if I want to fawn.)


I got the new Kindle - the cheaper wi-fi version. Mike got the old Kindle. We are both happy. I'm happier, but Mike doesn't know it because he hasn't tried my Kindle yet. It's best he not know.

I also have... an iPhone. Given that talking on the phone is one of my least fave things, the monthly bill and the stupid contract make me sick if I think about it, but I didn't get the thing as a phone. I got this as a "things to keep me sane at work" device. Lunch, prep, before school, after school, a few hours after school, another few hours... mmm sanity is being able to farm pinto beans on Facebook while waiting for my piece of shit work computer to load a document.

Yelp is fun, too, :) And FourSquare. And Epicurious. And Words with Friends. And whatever that gas mileage app is I downloaded than I'm sure will be edifying and totally justify, well, everything.


Ooo, just typing this reminded me to check Carnival's website today. Shazam - another $30 price drop! We've saved about $200 per person so far thanks to Early Saver, and my gloating just means The Ironic Thing will happen and we'll end up having to cancel and pay more than that to reschedule... or worse. But it's fun to check!

However, the cruise is so way far away and we've done Carnival Spirit before that the joy of planning isn't much comfort at the moment. Hmm. Maybe we need a Utah getaway, now that it's (slightly) cooler?


I'm reading the new Terry Pratchett. Yes, I know it's not out in the States yet. Yes, I AM AN ELECTRONIC BOOK THIEF. Stupid publishers and their draconian roll-outs have forced me into this. (That includes their pricing roll-outs. I don't care how new an e-book is; don't charge me $15 for it.)

Okay, okay... it's my choice to be a thief. Can I claim that I'm sending a message to the publishers if I promise to buy the books properly when they come down in price (or come to this country)? I spent twenty-plus times my usual book budget on e-books last year. I think I'm a sure customer, if the supplier doesn't get Real Stupid Like.

Bibliopolitics and excuses aside, hmmm, what else have I been reading? The Harper Connelly mysteries from Charlaine Harris. (Odd, dark, intriguing... until the avalanche roundup at the end of the last book. What the?) Oh, and all of the Sookie Stackhouse books, too, but I won't watch True Blood because I can't accept that pretty boy in short hair as the manly Viking Eric.

People keep suggesting books to me, but - happy sigh- Pratchett. (I really will buy the book properly. Or could I buy a hard copy for the public library? How does that work, I wonder? Don't library books cost so much more? It seems like I read that somewhere? Because of licenses? But then, how is it different from selling used books? All of this has always confused me, but not enough to hit Google. I like to hold back a little research for a rainy day...)


What? I spent the summer watching Pushing Daisies and My Name is Earl. Oh snap...


We made up for lost time at the end of summer with some fun experimenting. I put reviews for a few of the places on Yelp. Look, it's me on Yelp. Highlights: Mario Batali's farmers' market (who knew?!), the place that sells chocolate egg cream soda (when they're not sold out), and another place that does - Finally! Hallelujah! - pizza that's not New York-style or Chicago-style. I also got stalked by the local pizza joint - hang up calls at 2 a.m. and everything - after I gave them a two-star review. Drama! Oh, and Vegas has a proper Indian supermarket now, too. Woot!

Oh yeah, Woot!

I'm addicted to Shirt.Woot.com. It makes me want to learn to draw and buy a graphic tablet and join derbies. Surely I can learn to draw? Surely I can't be completely inept at both singing AND drawing? Surely one has got to give? I don't think it will ever be singing. Look, I got this shirt and this shirt! I really wanted this shirt - wanted it so badly - but it didn't make the cut. Oh, Shirt.Woot. A whole new culture. Like I needed that when I have...


I used to mine census records for what would get me to the next clue: people's names, ages, birthplaces, their neighbours, and their county and state, and possibly city if known. (It's funny how seldom that info is actually given.) Thanks to a stray family tree that clued me to a marriage record, which led to me finally realizing that my father's mother's mother's father's father's neighbour was probably his sister, I did get what I think will end up being a new set of great-great-great-great grandparents. But, the luxury of summer mostly led to grand ideas... like, why not reckon out the small places in the backwoods where all of the ancestors lived across America... and then visit them? It's a bit of an excuse for a big road trip, and I don't like planning for The Time After Hamsters, but the idea is rolling around in the back squidges, and I'm looking at those old censuses a little more closely...

The Living Family

...is living. Someday, when Mom is no longer here, maybe I will have more to say about Alzheimer's without feeling exploitive. Or maybe I'll get over feeling like I don't really have a right to ramble on the topic when it's my Dad who does the heavy lifting while I'm 1,189 highway miles away.

Lighter Topics

Hrm. Still need to jabber about San Diego Zoo and, more importantly, what fun we had at Antiques Roadshow. However, tonight I also need to print out a bunch of crap (sorry, it is) for my meeting tomorrow, and our printer is a trial but at least it functions, unlike the printers at school. Well, to be fair, they mostly work, but they're either not in a room with a working computer and not networked, or they need toner. So, here at home we haul out the old-old laptop, not the new-old laptop, because the old-old laptop has a parallel port, and we print here. Yes, I know one can buy adapters, but we usually only print once a year, and I'm still on the original toner cartridge from eight or nine years ago. Yeah. So... yeah, I don't think I want to buy an adapter with my own money because our school district is broke. At least I am better off than my colleagues who are hand-writing their worksheets and tests. (And, like me, sweating to find ways to print things for our administration meetings when we've begged enough favours from the few with working printers. Is something backward here?)

Ah, look at me, all pissy and righteous again - all back to myself! This calls for some celebration Farmville'ing. World of Warcraft - what's that? Time to get a rainbow slide for my sheep!

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