A Monday We Can Moon Over

Life got better, after the last post. It usually does. The short version is that sometimes the good guys win, at least for awhile... (I'm happy, not delusional.)

It's been an interesting weekend. Mike contributed to the collective meme-o-sphere in a heady way, but that's a story for another day. (I just couldn't go to bed with that last crabby post splotching up my front page, so I have to type something.)

Will I ever finish the little trip report about San Diego and what it was like to not be on Antiques Roadshow? Of course. Trip reports are my little thing.

For now, here's a photo of a Sichuan takin at the San Diego Zoo:

San Diego Zoo - Sichuan Takin

It's Tibetan.

I only have a two-day work week thanks to a conference, Veterans Day, and what I'm calling "I Guess They Couldn't Be Bothered To Ask Everyone To Show Back Up After All Those Late-Night Veteran Appreciation Parties" Friday.

Oh, and we have fourteen "$10-off anything, no minimum" coupons to use at Kohl's this next week. Consumer purrrrr...

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