A Little Sneezy, Not So Wheezy

Have you heard Duran Duran's new song? If you only like the first, say, six years of a thirty-year music catalogue, can you still call yourself a fan?

So, life after pneumonia is... well, life still with dobs of pneumonia crust here and there. Remember how (or play along) I felt like I had a cold, but I stuck with it and went to work, then I worked late in my freezing classroom, then I did have a cold, and by the end of the weekend it was pneumonia? Well, yesterday I was only a few minutes into first period when I just felt so exhausted that I seriously thought of asking to go home at midday, but I stuck with it, and then I worked late in my freezing classroom because it's the end of the quarter (and I'm still catching up with grading from the two weeks mostly off), and... yes, by the time I got in the car, I was wheezing it up, but today I'm just snuffly. I even did six minutes on the Wii Fit. (Which was a huge mistake, and I'm now bundled up and puffing on a Ventolin, but I am getting better.)

The cutest thing is the way on the last visit to the doc, they said my blood work was all normal (as always), blood pressure good (as always), no wheeze (usually true now), and I'm a healthy young woman. "So why am I still so exhausted?" *Shrug.* And Wii Fit says my Wii age is 23.

Maybe I'm just imagining that I'm 41 and that my weight is near the trois cents arrondisement.

Otherwise: weird facial rash (got better), migraines (fixed with barbituates - you heard me - and ibuprofen), allergies (Allegra = magic), scaly skin all over my face (moisturizing like mad, which probably got me the rash), and - oh - I kept smelling something weird (like cigarettes, actually) for weeks, regardless of where I was, and then I lost my sense of smell almost entirely for a couple of weeks, which was kind of a relief by then. And then I got it back a bit... with the cigarette smell. Now - at least until last night when the drippy nose started - my sense of smell seems normal again. Touch wood. Knock wood. Kiss wood. Whatever works.

I'm beginning to understand why old people are often accused of just talking about their illnesses and friends illnesses. It's because it's hard to stay quiet when you're riding on the back of the WTF Scooter. "WTF is this? The hell!"

OH, and my two bottom front teeth changed position a little. My tongue still isn't used to it.

WTF. The hell.

(Okay, now that this claptrap is out of my system, I can speak of other things, but not the new Duran Duran song.)

27 March 2011 |






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