We'll Call It 'Insipia,' a High-Energy Yogurt Drink

No matter how often you publicly proclaim that you're not going to be bogged down by "catching up," that you're just going to write when the spirit moves, that you're not going to feel guilty because you stayed home sick from work (again) and thus shouldn't be up doing anything remotely fun... it is still hard to return to the blinking cursor.

I say, dang, just pick one photo and write about it. Since when do you need a topic?

But then I shrug and run off to the craft table to work on stamp albums (a hobby resurrected after 12 years - anyone remember my very, very brief philately blog?), or to work with rubber stamps (a hobby resurrected after half as many years - stamps are all clear and acrylic now! and people stamp with glue and microbeads instead of ink!), or to organize loose stuff for scrapbooking (but never quite get around to actual scrapping), or read a book (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks = thumbs up), or play with the zillion hamsters we now have, or... let's face it... spend an hour playing Farmer Barbie, which is to say... FarmVille. (I would try to look ashamed, but I'm really pleased with my peacock garden and leprechaun treehouse.)

For those of you who have lost count of the hamster situation, we now have:

  • Stanley (the very old) and Clark (his young ward and devoted companion)
  • Thomas (the very strange and tumorous but also simple and sweet)
  • Saffron (the winter white with the orange streak) living apart from his brother
  • Truffle (the winter white who has lived up to his name, and now we wonder if soon he'll turn sapphire again, which is ham-speak for "a semi-iridescent grey")
  • Paul (the father of Alys' gummies, who lives alone as every other hammie couldn't resist bullying him, including his near-infant sons, WTH, hammies?)
  • Glenn (the huge opal who naps in wheels), Roy (the light opal who is too territorial and is surely a brother of Glenn), Dudley (aka "two-tone," a younger opal of uncertain relation to Glenn, Roy, Paul, Alys, etc.), Julian (a younger opal who is a bit rumply), and Neil (who used to have a funny eye and be skittish, but honestly it's almost impossible to tell him from Julian nowadays)
  • Charlotte (the one opal female of the above lot, now living on her own because Alys and the new babies upset her - she's much happier now that she's queen of her own nest)
  • Theodore and Russell (the young sons of Alys and Paul, one blue, one umbrous, and both skittish, which is bizarre in "homemade" hamsters - they are friendly once they get used to you, but every day is a new day)
  • Alys (who came packing squiggling heat from the SPCA) and her young daughters Adora Belle (aka Zippy for her white zipper), Caroline (very affectionate and identical to), Madeleine Aurora (all three of these girls looking black but actually being umbrous normals or opals), Vanessa (always tucked away with BFF Madeleine), and Lauren (a normal like Vanessa, but a nippy one to Mike - however she also keeps Zippy in line as Zippy has lately become jealous of Caroline).

Now I'm tired just from typing that. I think I have a bronchitis-thingie. Or just six days of deep coughing that sometimes turns into vomiting and sometimes also takes cruel advantage of six days of on-again off-again diarrhea which - whoa whoa - TMI - I'll stop typing now. As soon as I get another nap under my belt, I think it's off to the clinic. (I'm getting better, but this is my eighth sick day in two months. I feel like a note is in order. And maybe a telethon.)

Look, here's a picture of Stanley, isn't he old and dear:

Stanley, Old Fellow

Happy March. The tax refund is in today. Mike is taking interesting classes this semester, and he let me show off my knowledge of things like trochaic tetrameter. We have pretzels in the freezer. Each of my classes is in the middle of a unit they don't completely hate right now (novels for each AP class, poetry for the freshies). Oh, sure, I'm just up from promethazine dreams about hamsters dying of neglect and students being out of control, and heaven knows what's waiting next on the pillow, but it's March. You know what that means. (April is next. Then May. Then I get stitches from where I ripped my face open from smiling so much.)

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